Youtube SEO Best Practices | Advanced Techniques to implement

Alot of people need to know youtube seo best practices . The platform is the second most visited online website daily; with more than billion videos published in every niche by users regularly. With that estimate at head and with a known monetization means of Google adsense you can make whopping sum of thousands of dollars from youtube. According to Fortunes’ lord statistics, Youtube gets 1,000,000,000 (a billion views per day); That is some big gold you can actually mine. A single youtube video gets 10000 (ten thousand views) per day. Now let’s assume that on your youtube channel you enabled Adsense; you can earn up to $5000 on a regular basis with enough traffic. That is something to be glad about and because of that I will explain exactly youtube seo best practices .

You should already know about Search Engine Optimization because it is the most important aspect of Internet Organic traffic. In order to beat youtube search rankings we will implement SEO because we need to achieve things with little efforts (auto-pilot earning).

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Youtube SEO Best Practices 

So you need to know youtube seo best practices to attain the top spot?! well that is easily achievable with little bit of hardwork.

Let’s move on……

1. Keyword research for Youtube ranking

Understanding keyword research is the main factor to ranking your videos on youtube; You need to know what exactly people search on youtube before arriving on the videos and exactly in what numbers they search this keyword. There are many ways to find out.

Google Related Searches

youtube seo best practices

The first method I will tell you about is the Google search related keywords; it is actually a great way to find keywords for your youtube videos. In the image above you can see I searched for “best NIKE shoes”, then at the bottom Google actually suggests for me some more keywords to search; however, it is actually for searchers but we youtubers and bloggers explore it in getting proper keywords . Not only keywords but long-tail keywords. Yoast perfectly explains exactly what long-tail keywords are, Read it here: Long tail keywords in SEO.

Youtube Keyword tool

youtube seo best practices

September 2014 marked the end of the famous youtube official keyword tool. Google moved it to be part of their advertisers category section and you will need an ADwords account before using it; why is it no really good to use? It is meant for paid videos and most suggestions the tool will return won’t necessarily be related to your keyword. However, the Youtube keyword tool you see above is an alternative to it. On free plan, it only gives you related keywords; while on a paid plan you can see search volume and advertisers’ Cost per click.

2. Create Backlinks to your videos

youtube seo best practices

Just like we know in blogging that Backlinks are important for SEO they are also great for youtube rankings and if you need to get Great organic search traffic; implenting youtube seo best practices? then you need backlinks. But in terms of youtube getting backlinks don’t necessarily mean spamming blogs with comments or doing guest posts; just as explained in Most effective way to get backlinks; it necessarily means getting your video embedded in other sites and that is only done when you have an awesome video. The owner of the website may create an article relating to your awesome video and he or she might embed your video in the article thereby giving you backlinks.

3. Title Optimization

youtube seo best practices

The most important text content for your video is the title. Make it as great as possible; target your keyword in the title and also begin the title with your keyword. Youtube tends to understand your title first and it possibly will not scan your title; probably the first 5 words in the title. Use the entire space in your title as well, maximize the total space with the number of available words and use 2 to 3 keywords in it. Another tip is to make your title very catchy, it should be what a user will see and likely click because youtube prefers videos that promises engagements. Phrases like “Must view”, “Ultimate SEO guide”, “The 3rd Google search factor will amaze you!”; all those phrases are catchy and they attract user clicks. So to beat youtube search ranking optimize your title as great as necessary.

4. Description Optimization
youtube seo best practices
Here is a video from backlinko’s Bryan Dean; we will focus on the video description, if you are a youtube user like me then you won’t surely read the entire description. We can see the great job Mr Dean did here by optimizing his description.

Optimizing your video description is very important. You have alot os space to write a description therefore make good use of the description bar. Feed enough information in it for youtube to review. The very first two lines must be optimized as possible because that is what a user sees first when viewing your video; this is important if you need to get good click through rates for your video and it should include strong information about the video. In the description box, include links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram profile.

5. Tags Optimization

youtube seo best practices

Since Youtube cannot view your video then you have to make sure it understands your video content. Tags are a great way to make youtube understand the content of your video. They are not visible to viewers in anyway but to the youtube search and also to external search engines. You should try to target the maximum tags as possible. The characters are 540 by default which youtube provides for your tags and you will have to use it all up to beat youtube ranking. Don’t use high tags or tags which are to popular because you won’t rank on it easily; it carries huge competition so target long-tail tags but don’t overdo it, only include 2-3 popular tags to be on a safer side. Also note that you should never use the tags that Youtube suggests, they are really not good and won’t make you rank on the video.


The biggest secret to ranking your youtube videos is creating quality and awesome videos that gets engagements. Try as best as possible to keep to all the guides above and watch how your youtube search ranking will grow over time. What are your thoughts on this!!!

Thanks for reading!!!


    • It is necessary since youtube videos are sorted into different urls; therefore those that are externally viral make it to the top.

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  2. Again , nice post bro… YouTube optimization has never been a bean-play.

    It’s getting better over here day by day… I uses enough tags.

    To add to the post, I uses an online tool (soovle dot com) to get real time search terms for YouTube.

    It works for Google, Bing and Yahoo also. Thanks

    • Hello Joseph,

      You have been contributing alot to my website,

      Yes Soovle is a really great tool as well.

      Thanks much and I am sure other readers will gain from your comment too 😉

  3. Very Very Informative, nice tips bro.i have been following your blog now for a long time and you keep surprising me with greater tips every time. keep the good work up.

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