Best Ways to increase blog traffic – Ultimate working trick

There many best ways to increase blog traffic and I will be sharing the ultimate cheat sheet in this article; therefore I will advise you to grab a cup of coffee and ride on.

Blog traffic is referring to the number of page views your blog gets everyday; therefore, getting blog traffic depends on your promotion and hardwork in getting your content to readers desk.

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Before we begin, I will love to talk about Organic traffic; we will use it to exploit the best ways to increase blog traffic.


Organic Traffic Meaning

Before proceeding, I will love to tell you the meaning of organic traffic; Have you ever witnessed when a fisherman casts his net and fishes ran into it naturally? Yes, it’s very possible; the fisherman had applied lot’s of efforts and smartness to make this fishes run into his net without him applying much effort than casting his net.

That is exactly how organic traffic work; and below I will explain organic traffic meaning in details:

1. Traffic you did not directly pay to get

Organic traffic meaning in Blogging Basics {Total Best Guide}

In understanding organic traffic meaning, you should also note down that it is traffic you get without paying directly for it. It is traffic you get to your website or youtube channel by creating contents that actually get fresh viewers for you on a daily basis. This viewers can come from search engines mostly; and social media shares not forgetting the roles of bookmarking.

Search Engine:

A search engine gets is built for the sole purpose of getting information from the internet for users. The results are presented based on certain factors:

  • Article relevancy to users;
  • Word count of article;
  • Links referring to that article;
  • Number of readers on the article;
  • Number of social shares of the article;

Search engines rank posts for organic traffic based on the factors listed above;we will go deep into that as we progress further but it is important now that you know organic traffic meaning.

Social Media shares: 

a very contributing aspect to your organic traffic; second to web search traffic, social traffic can give you most organic traffics you will ever imagine and all for free cost. The social platforms to get this traffic from is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit in my honest and best reviews. Those social traffics believe me when applied properly can get you hundred times decades (Ten thousand) of fresh viewers per day without stress.


By getting organic traffic most times from search engine, you also stand a chance to to get bookmarks from those readers. Just in stance, am sure you know about youtube subscribers; yes, when you get fresh viewers from search, depending on their impressions from your video they can decide to follow your channel; and get notified when you produce a new video which then leads to views for you. Same in blogging, if a reader sees great information on your site, your website will be bookmarked and regularly visited by such reader. That is also the organic traffic we are talking about :).

2. Traffic gotten through right content

Organic traffic meaning in Blogging Basics {Total Best Guide}

Talking about organic traffic meaning, we also look at publishing the right content. We mostly here quality contents; now I have to tell you that not only quality content but right content that generates organic traffic for you. Work along with both properly; you have to make sure that your quality content is the right content; meaning that it is what people really need at that very particular moment. When you write a very high quality article, but it does not have any trends at the time it is published then you will get almost no organic traffic.

Points to note

We talked about organic traffic meaning, we will also talk briefly on things not related to organic traffic. They are below…

Organic traffic is not any form of:

  • Paid-per-click (PPC) social or search advertising;
  • Cost-per-minute (CPM) form of advertising;
  • Ads you place on any website asking for clicks;
  • Spammed links on forums for click backs;

Organic traffic is in form of:

  • Getting fresh views from published contents;
  • views earned from social shares;
  • views obtained from bookmarks;

You can also get this traffic when someone (a popular blogger) gives you backlink from his blog. This makes his blog readers to also view your blog and if they get a good first impression then expect them to return soon enough.

3. Importance of Organic traffic

Organic traffic meaning in Blogging Basics {Total Best Guide}

There are many reasons organic traffic is beneficial and I will list them below:

1. Really easy and cheap

Most bloggers make the mistake of publishing article that is only going to be read at that moment, maybe get some few 50 views and thats all. The article won’t be viewed again maybe probably throughout the blog’s existence. You won’t want to spend time to write an article that will end up getting only such low amount of views. In PPC or CPM advertising, once your spending budget is over, your traffic same collapses. That is why organic traffic is really important; once published, you can get views on your blog till maybe when search engines go extint which is very impossible.

2. Rewarding Investment

Organic traffic is really very easy and cheap to start gaining; if you properly invest smartly from the right beginning then expect great returns in future days. It will really seem hard to capture organic blog readers from the right beginning. Because the Search engines themselves have certain criteria towards a blog’s ranking. But this does not necessarily mean you won’t progress in passing their criteria. In the beginning it will seem costly; but when you apply right techniques and make it work in the long run then it will really seem worth it.

3. Long-Term Traffic

Organic traffic ever grows readership, your blog views will be increasing over time based on the trends and interest your keywords are getting. This means you can make an article and even in decades your article will be getting fresh views. Yes and it is proven because I have seen an article before on Google search pages dating back to year 2006 (11 years ago) maintaining its rank on a pretty good keyword. This means the writer of such article really invested his good time in it and has achieved his aim.

With this said however, what ways can you increase your blog traffic? Let’s cover that:

Best Ways to increase blog traffic


1.Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the very best medium you can employ in getting free traffic to your blog; not only is SEO the best, it is also relatively free. That means you are generating huge traffic to your blog all for a free price, sounds great! Although, I will say SEO is relatively free, I don’t necessarily mean it is totally free. This is because you will spend lots of your time building backlinks, working on your site structure, creating quality contents and doing keyword research.

How exactly does search engine optimization help your website’s traffic? 

During my research, I found out 92% of people use search engines to get access to web contents and that results to a *whopping* 6,586,013,574 daily search queries. That is a great chance you can exploit to get bomb of visitors to your site, but how exactly do you go about this?


2.Keyword research

Search engine users don’t just get redirected by Google to a random content when they access Google; there is much of freedom for them to type in a query or keyword and get direct information to the their request. This is where keyword research comes into action, you need to identify your readers and their key queries when on search engine if you want to get an increase in blog traffic. However, how do you do that keyword research?

Over the years, Google has provided tools that helps in finding keywords readers use in accessing web information and if you probably don’t have an idea on it I will love to share it now:

Using UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is a great tool for fishing out keywords in large quantity; therefore, you should use this tool to get lots of long-tail search queries.

Head on to, what exactly we shall be doing here is getting keywords that we need. Let’s say we have a blogging website and would love to get blogging search terms, Ubersuggest will be good.

I advise you input a broad keyword for best results, a broad keyword could be *blogging*; So we will go ahead and input blogging in the search box.

It will search and suggest some long tail keywords, at the top right you will see *view as text*; click that and a new tab will open therefore all you are to do is copy this keywords and head to google keyword planner.

Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick
Type your targeted keyword in the rectangular box and click suggest, results will show with volume and cost-per-click in consideration


Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick
After selecting *view as text* copy and paste all the suggested keywords and head to keyword planner

Using Google Keyword planner

Google keyword planner is the best tool in finding keyword terms and volume. In order to access the keyword tool you must first have an Adwords account, you can signup using your gmail account. After completing signup, your dashboard will look as that below:

Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick
Creating a google adwords account explores a chance for you to use the famous keyword planner.

Spotting at the top you will see a tab called *tools*, go ahead and click it and a drop-down will be triggered; select keyword planner from this drop-down and proceed. It will look something like this:

Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick
Clicking on TOOLS will trigger a drop-down, select keyword planner out of the drop down and proceed

Another page will open showing three main options, *involving search for new keywords*, *Get search volume* and the last which is *multiply keywords list*.

In this case, the keywords we copied earlier from Ubersuggest will be very useful. All you have to do is click the middle tab *Get search volume* and paste it there.

Select your targeted location and leave the rest to be set as defaults.

Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick
Paste the suggested keywords in the 2nd/middle tab with only targeted location set to preference
Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick
Click *get search volume* and a new page will open with your keyword’s search volume, cpc and targeted bid.

NOTE: If a keyword’s CPC is low, then I advice you not to target it as it will be a waste of time; as well also never target a keyword with high difficulty, you will not show up in top 100 pages.

This method is among the best ways to increase blog traffic, I ensure you that when you Apply SEO effectively then you will surely get results.


3.Social Shares

Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick

SEO takes time and patience thereby if you are not willing to be patient for it then surely social shares is among the best ways to increase blog traffic. There are lots of social platforms that can generate you daily readers if used properly.

Top 5 of them are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

In order to generate these traffic, I suggest you do the following:

  • Make and Facebook page and promote it.
  • Join Facebook, linkedin, reddits groups and share blog contents there.
  • Share your posts on twitter with relevant hashtags.
  • Connect to friends on social platforms with our blog post.
  • Encourage your blog’s social posts.

You will generate good traffic using this social tricks I just shared with you because it will help on the long run.


4.Promoting within Blogs

Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick


One very sure thing is you will get traffic to your blog by commenting on relevant blogs; and also asking for link backs from the blog admins. Fact is if they agree and feature your blog in their article, readers will click from within that article and get redirected to your blog. Although, it won’t generate tons of traffic for you depending on the blog’s traffic, it will give your blog good exposure. I have a few tips to attract other bloggers to feature your blog in their article:

  • Write quality contents.
  • Have a well designed Blog.
  • Have unique pages.
  • Create engaging Blog titles.
  • Your Blog must contain useful information.

I assure you that doing this is among the best ways to increase blog traffic. 

5.Paid Promotion

Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick

Among alternate ways to increase blog traffic paid promotion. Setting up Facebook ads or running adwords campaign can generate a handful of great traffic when done effectively. Though, it requires investment it will be worth it as time passes if you can use it and secure returning readers. You can also pay popular companies to advertise your blog and hopefully you will be getting regular websites clicks.


6.Physical Blog Promotion

Best Ways to increase blog traffic - Ultimate working trick

Another Best Ways to increase blog traffic is by promoting your blog physically because spreading the word among friends can help. Your friends though will also spread the words among theirs too and you will be getting blog visitors using this means.

With that I have conclude the article Best Ways to increase blog traffic, if you have any method that sure works for you therefore you can let us know.

Thanks for reading!!!


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    In My One Opinion, Instead Of Spending The Whole Day Doing Writeups And Blogpost, One Should Set Aside Time To Visit Other Peoples Blog, Comment And Share Idea.

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