The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

Hi Guys, I will be talking about the perfect and safe backlink building tutorial for newbies today.

Before I get started I would want you to understand what a backlink is.

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Now the Pro Bloggers will surely know this one but I will still have to explain it carefully to bring out the needed points.

Now assuming you have got a poultry farm that supplies livestock feeds and at this certain time you have a regulatory body that ensures buyers get supplied with quality livestock feeds.

Now if a well trusted seller of this feeds does not have a particular feed at the time then decide to point his buyers to your own farm to get that feed, now since he is already a trusted seller of those feeds and then he is pointing people to get from you then surely your trust level from customers and regulatory bodies will gradually increase.

Now imagine if all the well trusted and high authority feed sellers point their customers to you and well the customers tend to trust you then surely you are among the elites.

Now my example above clearly illustrates what a backlink is, from my point of view a Backlink is generally a mode of transfer of trust from a high authority domain to a less high or rather a lower domain.

It is more of a chain of reference pointing to a specific destination containing same class of content.

How do Backlinks operate?

The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

Backlinks specify that a content of similarity is being called upon. Just as you read above, it is a reference spot to readers that encourages them to follow a certain link and get good information from there.


The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

Basically we have two classes of backlinks; They are:

  1. DO-Follow Links: These are links whereby search engines are being encouraged to fetch them. Just as the name implies it is allowed for search following i.e Search engines have permission to view the contents of that link, fetch it and index it. Most of the time this is regarded as the best form of backlinks to use most especially if you are into building backlinks for purpose of SEO ranking which I know most people are into. So this is the best type of link.
  2. NO-Follow Links: These links are basically not for search engines index or fetch. These are mostly parts of your websites you obviously do not want to get shown publicly on Search Engines like your “about author” page or possibly your site admin login page. They are obviously not the best when it comes to building backlinks.

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The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

While am done with the introductory to backlinks, now I would jump you straight to building your own quality and safe backlinks today.

View the steps below:

  1. Doing Good Research of your Backlinks

The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

One of the necessary things you should do is research effectively on your backlinks and the contents it is linking to. The content must be SEO ready and the backlinks should be well formatted for search friendliness.

  1. Using Friendly Links

The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

This is one I can tell I mostly like to discuss with you. We basically have different formats that links appear, while some links appear friendly and SEO ready others can just appear bad and unfriendly.

If you use Blogger host then you have nothing to be worried since it is automatically formatted for you but if you are on wordpress you have to do it manually. I will be teaching that in future tutorials.

  1. Doing Domain Authority Research

The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

Now this is very important, you have to do a splendid research of a domain you want to include your backlinks. Now this is important in determining where the final outcome of your backlinks places you and I even specified that with my example above. To get the most out of your backlinks then do surely engage them with high authority domains. Some good suggestions I have are forums or sites like Quora, Nairaland, Google+, Facebook, twitter and even Reddit. These websites allow DoFollow backlinks which will be very helpful in your SEO campaign.

  1. Using Spam-Free Backlinks

The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

If you really do want to get the most out of your backlinks then you have to follow the rules, yes you got it right, be a white hat specialist.

Only juice out your links once every day to ensure that you are in-line with the internet policies. Doing so won’t only give you a higher ranking it will also generate trust for your domain among search engines and your likelihood of getting your domain banned is rendered impossible with the opposite likely to happen, so never make mistake of sharing more than three Backlinks a day.

  1. Ensuring Backlink’s Trust

The Perfect and safe Backlink Building Tutorial For Newbies

This is so far the last and most important step if you do want your viewers to return again. Your backlinks should reflect your article, it should not be a trick played at your viewers as they will most likely never return again if they are not satisfied with the content directed to them from the backlink.

The most important reason you were using the backlinks before is to improve SEO and attract readers but if you fail to do so in the right manners then surely you have failed to meet up your aim or goal.

Warning: When building safe and perfect backlink it is not an opportunity or avenue for you to start commenting on other blogs with your backlink as it is considered as spamming and it will have a long-term adverse effect on your rankings. I  rather advise you employ use of guest posts to promote your safe and quality backlink.  


With this I have come to the end of this tutorial the perfect and safe backlink building tutorial for newbies, I hope you understood it and please drop your comments below.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. It’s informative, though I (or we) still need more clarification about each points.

    I mean, how can we do good research of backlinks, how can we use friendly links…. And so on

    • Dear Akinbola, I shall be posting future articles on each of those points above I do advise you subscribe to cybergeak so you don’t miss out on it. Cheers!

  2. As novice am trying to understand as much as I can, I believe the more I read your tutorials, the more knowledge I ‘ll get. Lovely presentation though

    • Thanks Mr Francis, I have to commend and appreciate your comment on my article. I shall be making more articles containing all you should know in future tutorials. Cheers!!!

  3. You are doing a good job here Mr Ken,guest post is one of the best way to get backlinks.In addition to this when you want to guest post for other blogs I will advise you to write for blogs with PR 2 and above with High PA and DA.

    • You are right Kingsley, Google believes that getting a reference from a high authority Domain means your link is really important and in the long run it improves your blog’s ranking too.
      So I have to agree with you that writing guest posts for blogs with high PA DA is the best way to get quality backlink.

  4. How do I create dofollow back link in quora , i added my link in one of the answers , but it is nofollow backlink

    • all the link of QUORA are nofollow so you should try other high DA and PA to get quality dofollow backlink. just google it to get them.


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