Proven SEO techniques for WordPress Using Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization; the joy and nightmare of most bloggers. In this article I will share you the complete knowledge of proven seo techniques for wordpress.

Before we move on, I will love to discuss about SEO in particular….

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What is SEO?

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It is the process and act of tweaking; beautifying; and modifying of your website to be readable by search engine crawlers or bots.

A search engine bot is a special program that is written and well structured for the purpose of analyzing webpages; and their informations to know which is relevant and useful. All search engines have their personal bots.

These bots are well programmed making them able to access all information on a webpage in a split second and index them if they are relevant; where most webmasters get it all wrong is that they don’t allow access to these bots to crawl their site at all; or either their website is unreadable by the spiders. This in most cases is not their intent but it just happens because they don’t know how to make their website SEO friendly.

So let’s get to the main course and discuss the proven SEO techniques for wordpress.

Proven SEO techniques for wordpress

Among all Blogging platforms, it is undoubtedly that wordpress is the best because the developers did good search engine optimization for it. So this guide is for strictly wordpress users.

Below are the things you need for this guide…
  • A wordpress site;
  • Yoast Premium Plugin;
  • Some knowledge about Webmaster tools;

After download, go to your wordpress plugins directory >> add new >> upload >> activate.

Major Benefits of yoast Plugin

When discussing the proven SEO techniques for wordpress we also discuss about yoast seo plugin. It is what every SEO minded wordpress user uses and I also suggest you get it as I have already provided the download link above.

  • The inbuilt insights your site and checks your SEO status; It shows you whether your website is indexable by search engine’s bots; and shows you if your site is well optimized indicating with Green, Yellow or Red light.
  • The plugins comes with all functions active including the ability to submit your website to webmaster consoles; You have options to connect to Google, Bing and Yandex which are the most recommended.
  • It shows you your site wide analyses indicating the pages and posts that are well optimized with prominent keywords. This makes the plugin essential for your site’s SEO setup.
  • The plugin has a powerful feature of rewriting your posts Titles based on the keywords used. This process ensures your article is automatically fit in h2 headers with relevancy for search engines.
And more benefits…..
  • The plugin also analyses your keyword and your readability status. Most search engines especially Google have gotten really smart to distinguish between readable and non-readable posts. Google considers readability in it’s ranking and also keyword density as well as inserting this keywords mandatory and in natural places within articles.
  • It automatically cares for your website Meta link information; thereby, you are in control of certain pages in your website that appears on Search engine result page. You customize how your website appears on search engines Title and description taken care of.  You can chose which web page gets indexed and which one don’t get indexed. Just like tags, categories, pages , posts and taxonomies.
  • Another great feature of Yoast SEO Plugin is that it connects your website to your social accounts. Search engines take into consideration your blog social signal when ranking your website; yoast, however also does the great job of telling it that your website is well social connected.
  • Most website owners know little about Sitemaps; A Sitemap is an xml document containing all the indexable urls of your website; along with every detailed informations of the links and how regularly they are updated. Yoast has an inbuilt function of generating this xml file for you which can go a long way in your wordpress SEO. It also auto notifies Google and Bing whenever your sitemaps are modified.


The Full Guide for Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast will help us activate our proven seo techniques for wordpress because it is fully loaded with features we should understand and also know how to tweak.

The first thing you should do is to activate yoast plugin and after activation the plugin will be made visible on the dashboard; as shown below:

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

Titles and Metas

The following menu will appear after clicking the titles and metas; we will modify necessary settings to this section.

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

1. General

This section gives you can allow yoast plugin to force rewrite your titles, also select your title separators appearance. Also allowing you to enable both readability and keyword analyses for each the articles you publish.

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

2. Homepage

In this section, we shall be adding our title templates, meta description template and our meta keywords template; The usefulness of this is because search engines don’t read our website like a normal user, they read it by codes; and it is necessary that the write codes are placed in right places. Below is how my homepage configurations appear…

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

3. Post types

The yoast plugin gives you the ability to configure your post, page and meta description template; and you can also modify its indexablity status. Yoast plugin auto-fills it with the right title if it is empty. Below is how you should configure it:

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

4. Taxonomies

Taxonomies section provides you with access to modify the title and meta of your categories, tags and their format. Especially if you desire to present a robot index for each of them.

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

5. Social

Since Google and other search engines decided to start considering social factors in ranking a website; it has made lots of SEO webmasters connect their websites to social platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google plus. Yoast comes to satisfy our proven seo techniques for wordpress by giving us a section where we can actually link to our social profiles. The good aspect about this is that as our site gets crawled by search bots they also discover the fact that our website is social enough thereby improving our crawl and SEO status.

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

6.  XML Sitemaps

Generating a sitemap using this plugin is very easy and quick to do; the very good thing is that we get to include posts, pages and media in our sitemap; We also get to select what we want in our sitemap and what we don’t want at all. While you configure and enable the sitemap, you will be given your sitemap link that you will submit to webmaster consoles.

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress

Submitting our website to search console

To complete the proven seo techniques for wordpress phase, we should ensure to submit our sitemap to search consoles; this will enlist our blog for a faster index whenever an article is published.

The best search console available is based on the search engines which are Google, then Bing and finally Yandex. Submit your site for index to all using the link below…

Submit to Google Submit to Bing Enlist in Yandex

When asked to verify by placing meta code onto your site’s head; just go ahead and install a plugin called “Header and Footer”. After installation and activation, place your code in the first rectangular box after-which you will proceed and save.

Proven SEO techniques for WordPress


The major factor in our proven seo techniques for wordpress course, yoast seo plugin was our main headline; this is because it is the main guide in wordpress seo; and all bloggers using wordpress that are knowledgeable of SEO use this great plugin. Very thing this plugin takes care of is our on-site SEO which is really very necessary.

On-site SEO without off-site SEO is just half of efforts done. You need to apply good off-page practices. That is why you should read this article on Backlinks and it’s usefulness for SEO; Don’t forget to also learn Proper ways to build backlinks. You should perform an SEO audit properly and here is how to take care of that: Best way to perform an SEO audit.

I hope both articles assist your SEO efforts. If you have any contributions to the topic then we are sure willing to hear you from the comment box.

Thanks for Reading!!!


  1. Always trying to improve the quality of my blog post to rank higher. This article is helpful with that. I will be bookmarking

  2. I find this article very helpful. You really put some effort to give us very elaborate step by step on how to use Yoast. Thank you.

  3. Hey Prosperity Kenneth,
    You did really a good task by doing the matter of Yoast Plugin easy,Though I was using the plugin I was not aware in details which are mentioned in the Article. Surely gonna Apply these in site. Cheers 🙂

    • Yoast has got alot of features that should be exploited for great on-page SEO. Realizing this will further boost your SEO 🙂

  4. Your category Title template didn’t correspond. check your current setting and update the image. %%term_title%% %%sitename%% displays both site name and category name without separation

    • Sorry if you had any issue with the category title template.

      I have been using this template %%term_title%% %%sitename%% and I have not discovered any issue.

      The template only displays the name of your category which makes it look visibly better.

      If you have further problems with it please feel free to respond with details.


  5. Great article Prosperity, Yoast is a plugin every blogger should have in his/her blog.

    I use it in one of my WordPress blog, and the result is great.

    I recommend Yoast!

    • Hello Emmanuel,

      It’s great to see you here,

      Yoast is surely a great resource for wordpress SEO because it provide guidelines that will win the onpage SEO war for almost any niche.

      Implement these settings and see more progress.

      Hope to see you here for more 🙂


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