Free Premium Netflix Account Generator

Here’s how to get netflix free premium account – netflix account generator.

Netflix is an internet community that provides various streaming media. Netflix is also among the best websites where you can stream videos and movies.

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You can use netflix to watch the newest online TV shows and movies.

Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph created Netflix in 1997. DVD rental services across the USA at that time was very much the popular trend. It has now grown into one of the largest community to stream movies and TV shows.

You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on demand on Netflix. Create an Internet connection to your smartphones like iPhone, Android, game consoles, tablets, smart TVs, computers, etc. to stream via netflix.

Netflix has grown its services worldwide since 2007 and is now available in more than 190 countries wordwide such as Canada, Japan, Australia , United states, and UK.

The number of users increases Netflix twice after they began online streaming services according to reports. A record number of more than 69 million users are using Netflix premium accounts as of recent.

Below are ways to get netflix free premium account and premium netflix account generator, that is free netflix premium account list.

I have developed a list of the netflix free premium account that that you can use for free at your disposal.

Although, Netflix gives free one month trial for new users, you’ll need to provide your credit card information. You can cancel your account at any time hence, you will not be charged.


Procedures on How to register for a free Netflix account (Trial)

Netflix gives new customers the chance to use a free Netflix account for a complete month. During this duration, new users can consider to subscribe or not to. If Netflix doesn’t satisfy you then you can cancel your account after the free month. It is a good choice to do this to use netflix and prevent the monthly bill, otherwise netflix will deduct a fee from your account at the end of the month.


  • Connect your Computer or Smartphone to the internet.
  • Visit Netflix registration page. Do that by Clicking here.
  • Select the Basic plan.

netflix account generator

  • Proceed by Clicking the Continue button, on the next page enter your E-mail Address and create the Password for your Account.
  • Enter your Credit/Debit card details to complete the Sign Up. No amount will be charged for the first month because it is completely free.
  • Before reaching trial period limit you can cancel your account.


How To Cancel Netflix Membership/Subscription

  • Login to your Netflix account.
  • Click your profile image to open account options.
  • Select Your Account option (from the drop down menu)
  •  Select ‘Cancel Membership’ under ‘Membership and Billing’ option.
  • Your Netflix account has been canceled successful.

You can watch the latest movies and TV shows without interruption with Netflix premium account. Netflix premium service usually starts around $8 a month however, you can enjoy premium netflix subscription for free with the premium accounts that I generated using Netflix Account Generator.

Netflix Free Premium Account List | Netflix Account Generator

NOTE: Changing the netflix account password will instantly deactivate the account.

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These are the best ways to get netflix free premium account. I hope the netflix account generator helped. Thanks for reading!!!



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