How To Increase Adsense Revenue/Earnings Using 5 Quality Ways

Do you want to learn How to increase adsense revenue? Yes, I’m sure you do. I noticed recent complains about low Google adsense cost-per-click (CPC) by lots of my friends. Most of them claiming their adsense cost per click is $0.001 OMG! . However, panic less; the low adsense earnings is not Google’s fault but that of publishers.

In this article I will teach you exactly how to optimize your website for a high Google adsense revenue opportunity and increase adsense revenue so grab a coffee and read on……

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Increase adsense revenue

1.Optimizing your Blog’s speed is high factor

increase adsense revenue

One very thing Google loves about websites is the load time and they are willing to display highly bid AD spaces on blogs that comply. Optimize your load time, it is necessary for Good user experience. Most bloggers having the issues of website load time is WordPress bloggers; they usually install huge theme files and plugins most especially that does the harm. Blogspot Bloggers usually face less issue about speed since their web server is owned and managed by Google. For wordpress users, below are some few tips for you if you need to increase google adsense earnings faster…

  • Download WP-Rocket Plugin.
  • Use 15 plugins as maximum amount. 
  • Use WP-Smush plugin to compresss and minify images.
  • Enable caching for your blog.
  • Avoid using heavy themes.

Earlier I said Blogspot bloggers have little to worry about but you need image compression. Blogspot automatically does this for you and sets image upload file limit; however, if you need maximum results then head to It is the best free online image compressor, try it and get your website speed rocking more.

2. Enabling Link AD Unit will boost CPC


increase adsense revenue

Do you know Link Ad units are attractive?! Yes and that is why advertisers offer huge Cost per click for it due to it’s cool click-through-rate (that is, percentage at which readers are likely to click it). Displaying Link Ads can hit you a dollar per click depending on how optimized your website is. So the quick solution to this is, set a new AD unit and make it Link. You might be wondering: “Link adverts  are more contextual from the context of keyword density“. That means that link adverts show related adverts contextually gotten from the keyword inclusive to your article. 

Therefore, setting link unit to be compatible with your website design has the maximum potential to increase adsense revenue.

3. Target High CPC Keywords

5 Quality ways to increase adsense revenue/earnings

Google adsense is contextual and smart. I have discovered it tends to display the adverts relevant to the contents of a webpage and when I say that I mean the keywords of a particular article. Remembering that adsense publishers display advertisers adverts on their words through Google Adwords agreeing a specific amount for the cost per click. In your usual keyword research probably through Google keyword tool you will discover a feature showing the CPC of the keyword. Publish an article around that keyword, get much traffic on it and see the great turn-around your adsense earnings. Targeting high CPC keywords surely pays.

4. Displaying only 6 maximum AD units per page is necessary

increase adsense revenue

Google banned Adsense accounts which supplied above 3 AD units previously not until last year which they lifted the ban, but trust me Google did not completely lift the ban. I recently did a research using one of my domains last week to test the AD units limit survey and I’ve got huge results for you: QUIT serving more than 6 AD units per page if you need good adsense CPC. Most bloggers are really greedy forgetting that Google is even more greedy and smarter in handling advertisers funds. So, if probably you are using AD units after every paragraph in your single post body then expect 0.0001 Dollar as your CPC. But which century will such blogger reach the threshold for withdrawal with such CPC?! LoL

Let’s assume you used 6 AD units in one page, Google expects it will have high Click-through-rate because it displays mostly in relevant spots for user and it is awesome for your click-through. So let’s use that….

In my recommendations, for maximum adsense revenue results oblige to the following below

  • Display 6 AD units per page
  • AD Unit should be in header (Responsive unit), and Sidebar(Responsive unit); This is for Homepage.
  • Enable Sidebar adverts in post page (Recommended) and display six AD units within posts (Beginning, predicate and end of post); To do that automatically, WordPress users can download Easy Adsense Plugin.
  • For those using mobile theme, initiate Anchor/overlay ads while maintaining number of AD units to 6 per page.
  • Keep all AD units Link and 250 x 300 Text/Image units.

This is highly necessary if you want to increase adsense revenue.

4. Link your Adsense account to your Google Analytics

increase google adsense earnings

Most bloggers get low clicks so they rely on adsense RPM (Page revenue per thousand impressions). Most cases, Google might get your traffic stats wrong and pay you unfair amount, then later you begin to blame them. It’s not their fault but yours because you did not give them access to analyze your traffic metrics properly.

To fix this… In your Adsense Dashboard; Head to settings>> Google Analytics integration. You will see a button to link if not already linked, go ahead and click that button and complete the procedure.

5. Advert Placement has a major influence

Trust me when I proclaim this!

I have tested various methods to increase adsense revenue and the most important aspect is adverts placement.

Placing your advert in the wrong section of your website or the “blind-spot” of readers is a big mistake you have to avoid; or else, you’ll end up caning yourself for it!

The most tested and proven advert placement is within post.

Always ensure to place a 250 x 300 text advert immediately after the third paragraph within your blog post.

Ensure to place atleast three link adverts within your article and at the lower body part.

Follow this method guys and your Adsense earnings will be out of the roof. Ensure to place your adverts in clear places where readers can properly view it. Do all the proper things listed above and you will successfully increase adsense revenue for your website.



  1. I’m particular about the number of ad units per page that you talked about.. can you throw more light on it? maybe on your next post?

    I wish to know how it does affect CPC.

    The amp for blogger, are there themes that already have this amp integrated?

  2. Awesome writeup you have here. You thoroughly explained everything step by step. I am more concerned about Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) is it not available for blogger blog Bcus you only made it available to WP user’s. I will also want to know if this Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP)as any disadvantage in using it.

  3. The different ways and techniques that you have listed are great, and I think, most of us here would be already following that. There must be more than these ideas to increase Adsense RPM. At this time, I consider one smart way to boost RPM, if you are looking for improving Adsense RPM quickly, just make sure you are allowing best (high paying) advertisers on your website, by barring or adding any low paying advertiser from your AdSense account settings…

    Moreover, it might be advantageous for you to attach Google Analytics with your AdSense a/c. This will advise you to check where the improvement in the earnings is coming from. Frequently it occurs when a page on the website rises in search rankings. In case, if your organic search count has increased, they are much more likely to click on AdSense ads if they are arriving from Google than the social sites or a referred or traffic buying site. The visitors for the Google search are very targeted to the topic of yours page. But yeah, on the other side, not sure about the image ads. From my own experience, the visitor tends to stay away from them. I need to practice to know more about this. Let’s see…

    Anyways, thank you so much for all these. Definitely, it will encourage me to concentrate on each and small things to improve earnings. And FYI, now I have done some of this but not all. I will be updating my Adsense account today, or in case, I need any, I will post here for you to answer.. 😀

    • Hi Barakha,

      adding to my blog post is always lovely and appreciated,

      I agree with you on the basis of blocking low paying ads to improve the appearance of the high paying ones.

      Organic traffic itself produces searchers who land on a website, and organic tends to have much more valuable CPC, compared to social traffic.

      Well this sure is a great addition you have made here.

      Thanks much once again and hope to see you here more:)

  4. Interesting info But Please That Ad word Section really tend to confuse me
    .Is it on your AdSense Account that you will do your keyword research via ad word and they will show the CPC or is it an app.
    Please I need reply

  5. I was newbie to adsense , weeks ago i read this article and i applied suggestion to my website and latterly i got very good CPC it was around 0.02 and now its around 0.1 to 0.12 which is good enough for new blogger site and new publisher without having much knowledge.

  6. I have got a quick question. I’m a victim of 0.002 per day. Sometimes, it’s all 0.00. Countless time, I have experienced 0.035 revenue in one full day with a traffic of 15k! from about 40 clicks. Here is my question tho..

    I have two sites. I got Adsense approved on the 1st one and was running for sometime. After few months of starting my 2nd site, I placed the same as codes I generated from the first site on the 2nd. Lately, I have been thinking if this is right. Or do I need to create and generate a fresh and separate adcodes for the 2nd site?

  7. Such a informative article, i think this can help me to increase my adsense revenue. Thank you and love to read even more from you.


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