I Bought A Domain Now What…….. (Build Your Website)

Lot’s of new bloggers or webmasters usually ask this question: I bought a domain now what

The truth lays that a domain doesn’t have to be inactive. It should be put into immediate use.

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Most new bloggers don’t even know where to begin and they end up asking that same devastated question “I bought a domain now what…?”

Here’s the GOOD NEWS!

I will explain in details what do after buying your domain name.

This article will cover the whole steps you will need in order for your website to go live on the internet.

The Good feature about this procedures is that you can do the setup all by yourselves without the assistance of a professional web designer.

Follow this procedures to activate your website

1. Purchase a Web hosting Package

What is a Web Host?

A Web host is a company that provide space on a server owned or rented for use by clients, for the purpose of uploading necessary scripts and files.

Please ignore this step you already bought a hosting package from your domain provider.

A very good web host provider is Namecheap. The shared hosting service there is awesome and the server load time is impressive. The web hosting package permits you to host three of your domains on the value plan which is just $9.99. Best bet isn’t it? Get started with Namecheap.

Another cool host is Bluehost. It has a positive rating by lots of bloggers. The server is also fast and the host bandwidth is unlimited. You get 50GB allocated space for the lowest hosting plan of $2.75/mo along with a free domain and additional space of 5 add-on domains. I suggest you get started with Bluehost today.


2. Connect Domain With Web Hosting

If you have bought a domain name from the same web host or you bought web host from your domain name registrar then ignore this step.


In my honest recommendations never purchase domain name and host from same company. It is not secure. Once you lose your web host account your domain is also gone. Equally, once you lose your domain then you have lost your files too. It is a total loss that is not compensative.


Purchasing your domain name and hosting from different companies is highly advisable.

To connect your domain to your web hosting make use of this procedure:

Search the name of your web host and add nameserver to it in this format: “Your webhost name + nameserver”;

Example: “Namecheap nameserver”. Then search Google for it.

You will discover that namecheap nameserver is: dns1.namecheaphosting.com and dns2.namecheaphosting.com.

Here’s what to do next.

Login to your domain registrar account and go to your domain control panel. You will find an option labeled with “manage domain” (please note that this option is differs from different domain registrars) click it and select manage nameservers. Go ahead and setup a custom nameserver then save.

3. Install A CMS Platform

A content management system is just like a software that your website is built around.

There are lots of platforms to build your website with.

Examples include:

♥ WordPress (The Best)

♥ joomla.org (Websites and Online-based applications)

♥ Drupal (Websites)

♥ Abante Cart (E-commerce websites)

♥ PHP bb (Online Forums)

♥ MyBB (Online Forums)

At Cybergeak I use WordPress CMS because it is the best. With WordPress you can build the perfect website, blog, e-commerce platform and forum easily. It is an all round Platform that puts total freedom into your hands to modify it as you wish.

Along with that,

You have total access and control of your files.

WordPress has thousands of customizable and editable themes and plugins.

It is indeed your perfect Content Management system.

4. Design your Website

Designing your website takes less hustle. It is what you can do without hiring anyone.

Your design should be based on your taste and niche. Something beautiful that won’t irritate most of your visitors.

WordPress has thousands of free themes that will match your taste. You can visit the wordpress theme directory to download any theme of your choice and upload to your website then customize.


WordPress also has premium themes. This category of themes are not free, they are equally better than the free ones. Therefore, if you want better design and User experience then be willing to spend a few bucks.

Below are some best places to buy awesome WordPress themes:

  • Themeforest: At ThemeForest you can purchase high quality themes for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Along with that, it has a highly interactive community of developers and web designers.
  • StudioPress: You can download highly optimized premium SEO themes that are responsive and easy to use from Studiopress.

After purchasing the theme, proceed to install it.

Most Premium WordPress themes have manuals or what I refer to as documentations. They are handy manuals that will help you in making your website user friendly.

5. Create a Professional Website Email

The next process is setting up your mail address.

Instead of using a third-party mail, I prefer using that of my website.

If you are aiming for more professionalism then use an email like name@domain.com rather than name@gmail.com

Most hosting plans comes with a cpanel package therefore it is very easy to setup a custom website mail using cpanel.

6. Go Social

The next step is making it easy for your potential website readers to connect with you.

In order to build a successful brand you must have a good connection with your audience. The power of social networks should not be underrated.

Therefore, I advise you to make your website handles public by joining social sites.

Below are the ones to get started with:

Once you have created the social media handles for your website, go ahead and make it visible on your website.

7. Start Creating Contents

A good website is built upon contents. The foremost reason people create their own website is to share their contents.

Contents can go a long way in deciding the success of your website.

Below are some useful website pages to start off with:

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Subscribe Page
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Advertisement Page
  • Services/hire page

These are some recommended pages. Though, you don’t have to add all, just use some suitable ones that will fit your website.

I also suggest you add a blog page on your website if you intend on sharing useful thoughts with your readers once in a while.

8. Make Your Website Visible On Search Engines

The best way to start receiving traffic and making sales on your website is through search engines. The search medium makes it possible for readers to find your website easily.

From the start, it is advisable to connect your website to three search engines:

Once the search engine bots discover and list your site in rankings then you will start receiving visitors.

9. Promote Your Website

Just like when I first started my website. I did not start getting instant following or readers. I had to do promotion.

Some great mediums I used where Social and offline. Though it was time consuming but today I have started reaping the rewards of promotion.

Below are some awesome ways to promote your website offline:

 Create a business card and add your website link to it.

 Print and Customize shirts with your website logo and link attached and give it out free.

 Attend Seminars and events, sponsor some and ensure to promote your website.

In order to build a successful brand, you must also be creative and unique.


“I bought a domain now what?” One of the most asked questions. I hope this article will help you go a long way in creating your website. If you found it helpful then feel free to share it. If you encounter issues while following the process then feel free to leave a comment. If you are also too busy to do this yourself then hire me to do it for you within two days.

Happy Blogging ♥!


  1. Hi Prosperity,
    Amazing!!! This is awesome checklist. I have saved it offline. I think, it’s time to implement this secret strategies before it went viral. LOL!
    Thanks, for your valuable tips. I would like to say a lot of thanks for these knowledge sharing tips.


  2. Prosper I really enjoyed reading the articles after all those procedures what is the next step taken to make my blog start ranking well??


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