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Download BS Tweaker

Download BS Tweaker: Bluestacks is the most popular android emulator in the market. You can use it to play or use any android application on your computer. However, there are certain features of Bluestacks users can’t access until they root it.


Using Bluestacks Tweaker you can modify the environment settings of the App player.

What Exactly Is BS Tweaker?

BS Tweaker is a tool that you can use along with bluestacks to change the values of GUID, Android Id, Google advertisement Id without any other third-party app. You can use it to launch the app player and also change the phone model Bluestacks is running on (Just like an IMEI). Another powerful feature of the BS Tweaker is that it gives users the chance to optimize the performance of Bluestacks.



The cool and outstanding features of BS tweaker outlined below:

  1. You have total freedom to modify or change the resolution of your Bluestacks app player.

  2. Tweaks the Android ID, GUID, Google Advertisement ID & Model with ease.

  3. Allows you to install same application multiple times on Bluestacks.

  4. You can use BlueStacks tweaker for applications that offer Loot Deals, Cashback offers and any other Recharge bonus that is valid for just a single device.

How to Use Bluestacks Tweaker With BlueStacks App Player

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BS Tweaker

Step 1: Download Bluestacks App player using this link

Step 2: Root Bluestacks using this guide

Step 3: Download BS Tweaker using this link. Extract and install all necessary components after extraction.

Step 4: Start Bluestacks and also BS tweaker. Note that Bluestacks will require some minutes to completely start if it is running for the first time.

Step 5: Some options are now accessible such as BS tweaker like Start and Stop Bluestacks, Android Id, change GUID, Advertising Id. Use the Start and Stop option to run, end and restart Bluestacks from the BlueStacks Tweaker program.

Step 6: Tweak the Values you want to modify like GUID, Android Id by selecting the Change option and then Click Restart Bluestacks.

Step 7: That is the procedure to change the GUID and Android Id of bluestacks. You can also use BlueStacks tweaker to optimize the performance of Bluestacks.


Final Words

BS Tweaker is fun and easy to use and I hope you have been able to download and use it with ease. Please ensure to leave a comment and share this article with friends.

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