How To Setup Google Analytics On WordPress

Google Analytics is definitely the best tool that alot of Bloggers use in keeping accurate statistics of their daily traffic. You will learn how to setup google analytics on wordpress and blogger in this article.

Most bloggers on wordpress use either jetpack stat or blogger stat to keep track of their traffic which is totally not advisable. These tools are not accurate because most times they give the wrong statistics.

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Before I begin, I will explain some few things about Google Analytics.

Google analytics is the best web service that keeps track of website visits. The awesome thing about the tool is it’s ability to track user behaviors; and source of traffic (where website visitors are coming from). It also has the use of informing you how many readers are present on your site at a particular time.

To round up the introduction, here are few things Google analytics does:

  • Real time visit tracking.
  • Accurate report of traffic source.
  • Enhance tracking of visitor behavior on website.
  • Accurate report of audience data.

You have to use Google analytics because it is the very best tool most bloggers use in keeping accurate data of their website visitors. I just gave some few functions of google analytics above; but trust me, there are more features it possess than those four.

How To Setup Google Analytics On WordPress

Let’s talk about how to setup google analytics on wordpress.

You’re required to setup a google account or you can opt to use an existing Google account. Especially if this is your first time using google analytics you will have to create an analytics account.

A single google analytic account allows 100 account, this means you are free to have up to 100 websites to monitor on Google analytics.

So let’s proceed on how to setup google analytics on wordpress.

how to setup google analytics on wordpress

Visit Google analytics sign up page. Click on sign up and proceed to the next page.

The account page contains boxes that you will fill with necessary details, such as:

  • Account name.
  • Website name.
  • Website Link.
  • Industry category.
  • Reporting timezone.

After filling up all necessary options, click on Get tracking id and accept terms of service to fully activate your Google analytics account.

After successful sign-up, you will find a page where your analytic tracking id and code are. Just as seen in the screenshot above.

how to setup google analytics on wordpress

Very important step here now on how to setup google analytics for wordpress.

Open your wordpress dashboard in a new tab, then search, install and activate plugin called “Headers and Footers Scripts Inserter by Arthur Gareginyan”.

After activation, copy and paste the google analytics tracking code into the first footer section box in the plugin. It will look similar to the image below. Save and proceed to the next step.

how to setup google analytics on wordpress

“Originally, some themes (mostly premium themes) come inbuilt with a feature to add google analytics tracking code. We will use a plugin instead so that you won’t face any issues when you later change your theme.”

First step on how to setup google analytics on wordpress is successful. Congrats! 😀 but we’re actually getting started.

To monitor your daily website visits, you will manually have to be visiting Google analytics website daily but looking at that, it is too stressful, preferably you can view it from your wordpress dashboard instead. Let’s look at how that can be done.

How To Setup Google Analytics On WordPress Using Google Analytics Plugin

Login to your wordpress dashboard and go to the plugin directory, install “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)” and activate.

The first action is to authorize the plugin which you can do through the plugin’s general settings. You will be directed to another page after clicking the “authorize plugin” button; the next page is where you can gain privilege to the access code that the plugin requires. Paste access code and save. The new page will look similar to the image below.

how to setup google analytics on wordpress.

Save changes and reload the page.

To check your daily website statistics using this plugin, login to your WordPress Home dashboard and scroll to the bottom where you will see the Google analytics card. The obvious reason why I prefer this plugin over others is because you can check your pageviews over a certain period of time, search queries, location of users, device that was used to access your website and other relevant analytic information.

On first activation and setup, you won’t begin to see the data immediately until over a certain amount of time like an hour or 3 hours.

The card will display similarly as the image below.

how to setup google analytics on wordpress.


Google analytics is the best tool I have fell in love with when keeping track of my website statistics. Not only is it accurate, it is also free to use. I integrated the tool since the first day I started my website and well, it gave me total data of how my website is used. If you’re a serious blogger then you must get google analytics running on your website right from this moment if you haven’t already.

I hope this tutorial on how to setup google analytics on wordpress sure helped you. Feel free to leave a question and also tell me how well google analytics has assisted you thus far. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends on social media.


  1. Hey Prosper,
    You’ve got another interesting article here.
    Google Analytics is really the best for me and I use it on Blogger.
    And soon I will set up my wordpress blog and I must surely apply what I have read from this and many more posts on your blog.

    Keep it up!

    • Hi Okechukwu,

      It’s great to see that you enjoyed this article,

      Google analytics is indeed a wonderful tool.


  2. Nice post with wonderful summary about Google Analytics on WordPress. I have install Google Analytics on my WordPress blog & this is the same way that I installed.

    So thanks for sharing this such a nice post.

  3. Nice post sir..
    I got this done few months back.
    Anytips on how to differentiate between bots craw and real humans?

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