How To Get Adsense Approval Fast Using Untold Tricks

Do you want to know how to get Adsense approval fast? then you are in the right place. This post contains the walkthrough I used that landed me several Adsense approvals. This guide Contains step-by-step procedures that will get you Adsense approval very quickly.

Let’s move on…

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how to get adsense approval
That joyful figure on the face of one of my 7 approved AdSense accounts in May 2017

For most bloggers, the approval E-mail from marks the very joy of their blogging career. A lot of bloggers have gulped-in lies countless of times that Adsense approval is very difficult; most especially those who partake in selling approved AdSense accounts, they try at all times to scare people so that their business will keep booming.

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At the start of it all, for me, AdSense was going to be a dream come true. I remember messaging the gurus of Adsense approvals, none obviously will reveal his secret. I met a friend of mine who also sells AdSense accounts, I offered him money and being a friend he actually refused my payment and asked me to try and get approval. That prompted me to dig out the very secret of Adsense approval.

As you all know, Google Adsense is a means we use in earning from our blogs or websites. Because of the display of contextual user-friendly Adverts, Adsense has more favour above other publisher networks. Due to the fact that Adsense has a lot of publishers, approval is strict and relies on certain guidelines which we will discuss later. I will also guide you on how to bypass
those Adsense requirements and get your Adsense approval in less time. Let’s take a look at the requirements on how to get Adsense approval fast below.

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Adsense Approval Requirements

Having a website is Compulsory

Your website is the core factor in becoming an AdSense publisher; Before taking up the bold step to apply for Adsense you need to have a website. There are many places you can make your own website using different platforms. It is comprehensively explained in this article: How to start a website that earns thousands monthly.

Your website must be compliant with Google Adsense policies

Google set a lot of guidelines concerning the websites of publishers in the network and if you want to know how to get Adsense approval fast you must be compliant of all. But don’t worry I will talk about all below…..

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Language: Google approve websites that are in certain languages and they also don’t approve others. This means to be part of AdSense program your website must be in a supported language. View the list of languages Google Adsense supports below

how to get adsense approval

Copyright: Websites that are liable of copying contents from other webpages without proper reference will not be approved for their program. Because of this, websites having duplicate contents from another website usually don’t get approval.

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Content Categories/Types: Websites with sensitive niches or categories such as cracking, hacking, gambling or inappropriate contents are deemed illegal. Therefore, they will not be approved.

Traffic Source: Google won’t accept any website in any form of traffic exchange programs such as pay-to-click or Email Spam. Hence, traffic source is a major factor to note.

These four policies listed above are the most important for you to get Adsense approval fast, you have less to worry about the others.

Your Website must at least be 6 Months Old Active

According to Google, approval guidelines goes along with website age. But I have found this to be only important when you are applying Adsense for regions like Africa and Asia. The reason why most bloggers complain of not getting Nigerian Adsense or Pakistani Adsense is that of their website’s age but if you are applying for UK/USA Adsense you shouldn’t bother much about this.  I got UK Adsense approval this month with a 5 days old website. Prosper gave a tutorial on applying for UK/USA adsense.

You must have A Google account and you must be 18 

Lastly, you must have a Google account, adsense is a product of Google likewise Youtube, Blogger host, Gmail, Drive, Docs and others. In order for you to be eligible for the application you also have to be up to the age of 18; this factor is important because blogging is a job and likewise other jobs taxes and legal tenders are involved.

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We are true with the first phase comprising of the requirements on how to get adsense approval fast. Let’s go straight to the point where you get your adsense approved…

How to Get Adsense Approval

Make a Google account

Get a new Gmail account. This is very necessary; Don’t make use of an old or existing Gmail account, let’s keep everything new and fresh.

Domain recommendations

For Google adsense approval use a top level domain. if you are using a domain such as .blogspot or .wordpress then your chances of getting an approved adsense is as slim as the chance of Google getting hacked ? Below are some domain extensions I got approvals with easily…

  • .com
  • .net
  • .tk
  • .ml

Make a new website or use an existing website

The most important phase; I don’t advise using entertainment blog for this phase because most entertainment blogs may contain copied contents or very little word counts in content. Though, entertainment blogs are approved but at very few occasions so I recommend a health website for this. The platform where the website is hosted doesn’t matter be it WordPress or Blogger; both which I recommend best. I use Blogger specifically for this.

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Use a friendly theme

User-friendly themes have Google’s love with them that is why you ought to use a theme that is clean and responsive. There are lots of themes for this and I personally use Sahifa theme for WordPress and News52 Template for Blogger. Those are premium themes which are highly responsive and user friendly.

Make Good Navigational pages

Important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms of condition and disclaimer must be present on your website. Google considers them highly important.

Uploading contents

This section sums up the adsense approval requirement. You must have quality content on your website. This is where most so-called “adsense experts” will urge you to publish many articles. They will tell you that you need lots of contents in order to get approval. Funny enough, a friend of mine followed this false positives, wrote up to 300 articles, applied for adsense and was disapproved. Google said he has insufficient contents. But how is that possible? he followed the “expert’s” concept! he has lots of articles, infact 327 articles and Google still told him he has insufficient contents.

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Sad indeed! Google doesn’t crawl your website by the number of articles you have. No! they don’t. Google crawls your webpages individually sorting it out based on the number of words in each article. This is what those “experts” won’t tell you since they have the strong belief that Google will review the number of contents your website has rather than the number of words in each content.

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To pass this test, I recommend you upload 20 contents to your health blog with each containing a minimum of a thousand words; though you can use any other niche aside health but I strongly recommend health. After completing this phase your chances of getting adsense approved is 90%.

Traffic! Traffic! and more Traffic!

After posting the contents on your website it is time traffic comes into action. Though, there are claims that adsense doesn’t consider traffic as a factor for approval, I have confirmed that when I got approved with a website with little traffic. Going ahead without traffic will delay your adsense approval, though I am yet to verify if adsense approval doesn’t need traffic but if you need to be approved within 10 – 24 hours then you need good traffic. A good amount is between 500 views to 3000 views.

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Remove Third-Party AD Networks

Google doesn’t like competition and when it comes to business no one likes it as well. To avoid your chances of getting approved from deducing remove all forms of third-party advertising networks from your website. Whether Medianet, Propeller Ads, Adrolls, Adnow, PopAds, Chitika, and many others; Just remove them and make your website free from adverts. If you want to get an edge above on how to get adsense approval fast then please discard these third party Ads from your website before applying.

Apply and get approved

Once you have gotten the amount of traffic required above then it is time to apply; though my methods work best with USA and UK adsense applications, if you try applying for a Nigerian adsense or Pakistani adsense then you need to have a domain older than 6 months before you can be approved.

how to get adsense approval
Stats from my recently approved Blogger website

With such stats along with enough contents your approval is guaranteed within 10 hours.

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Google Adsense Approval Trick

Step 1:

Make a new blog on blogger platform. Set it up and install an SEO friendly theme. Ensure to make the blog’s design clean. Upload a good logo and make use of a responsive theme.

Step 2:

Using a .tk domain. You can get a .tk or other extensions free at You can opt to use a .ml, .ga extension. Also use a reflexive domain name that sounds okay.

Step 3:

Setup necessary pages such as:

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Terms of Service Page

Next thing is to add up these pages to your blog’s top navigation.

Step 4:

Visit There you will get the articles you will use for adsense application. I recommend sorting for Health articles or Insurance articles. Pick a category based on my recommendations and copy the articles. Open two articles in two tabs, you will need to paste an article with 1000 words each on your blog so ensure that you copy to the word count.

Step 5:

Open “”, paste link that in your browser and open. Paste the two articles you copied from Ezine and rewrite them using the tool to remove plagiarism. Repeat this step till you have 50 articles on your blog.

Step 6:

Download Traffic Spirit Bot to supply traffic to the adsense blog before approval. Although, Google said for Google adsense approval they don’t take traffic into consideration but Google are not trustworthy at times so traffic is necessary. 

After downloading the software, keep your computer internet connection active and input your url into the software, set a traffic limit and supply traffic to the website for a day.

These 6 steps above will guarantee you Google adsense approval within the first attempt.


Getting adsense approval is the main goal of every blogger because it gives each of us the chance to earn through our blog. Hopefully you have learnt How to Get Adsense Approval and by strictly following the steps above be well assured that in a week time adsense will be running on your website. In addition, when it comes to content and traffic you really have to be very smart enough about it ?. If you have got any questions or contributions then please feel free to add. I hope this guides you on how to get adsense approval fast. My best faith of approval is with you 🙂

Are you having an approved adsense account with very low CPC? Below is a Nigerian click on my adsense:

how to get adsense approval

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Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Yeah man, it’s very helpful.

    Also I can confirm that adsense approval don’t require traffic at all..I got approved 2 of my accounts with 0 traffic just in 10 days ….

    One thing is to mention that you require about us, contact us and privacy policy pages…they are must

    • Your adsense approvals are great knowing fully well you had less traffic but still got approved. Well, traffic does not seem to matter much but for fast approval you need good traffic.

    • Sure alot of mediums do work for this, especially when Google is in love with you. Go give it a try…

  2. But Bro…Can Google accept a Blogger site about Art..Designed the Theme based on art..and Posted some off my art works..And also planning to add an article teaching people how to do those art works with their android phones..Can Google accept this kind of contents on a blogger site..If I was to register for AdS..Pls..If u can Msg me on fb @Tz kvng Danny or reply to my comment on The Blogging solution Group..Or via my email..pls do so..really need this

    • An art website basically will lack much words in contents. Please stick to a health website 🙂

  3. Hi Prosperity,

    Thanks for the shout buddy,
    Such a great tutorial
    Goodness; getting approved for an Adsense Account is lots easier following the tips that really work.

    It’s something I literally battled with but finally learned last 3 years ago when I started blogging.

    You’ve shared all of it right here on the blog, thanks once again and have a nice weekend ☺

    • Thanks for stopping by Prosper, it was worth it sharing valuable knowledge with you and fellow bloggers. My full pleasure 🙂

  4. Thank you for this wonderful piece.
    My application is up to two months though my blog is 4 months old and i applied from Nigeria. what should I do?

    • Approval will be difficult since your blog is only 4 months; adsense requires it to be atleast 6 months. I advise you try out either UK or USA for now.

    • You can get it reinstated by emailing the Adsense team, give them a genuine reason of incidence that led to the ban, they’ll surely listen to you 🙂 However, it has been deactivated years ago, in my opinion try applying for a new one instead, that is more advisable.

  5. Hey! This is a powerful piece of information, it’s a kind of empowerment for some to will abide by the rule.

    My question now is; how do one apply for UK or USA AdSense from Nigerian IP.

    This is a part you need to explain for some of us who don’t understand it.

    • Hey Sammy you should not apply for USA or UK adsense with a Nigerian IP; Please ensure to use a VPN

  6. wow.. thanks Properity.. I was just looking for this.. I have one ques.. If my domain age is more than 6 months but my website is 2-3 months, can I apply for Adsense? thanks in advance..

  7. Hey i need Help in adsense,
    i want to know to increase CPC of adsense advertisements? I want to get 1$ or more and also increase CPM. more then 5$ or more .
    waiting for answer thanks

    • That’s great Kinnaka, keep visiting and I will keep providing the useful tips for you 🙂

  8. I keep going through this over and over, it’s just like a dream that I got approved using your Method after countless tries for about a year. Thanks a lot buddy I really appreciate this!

  9. thanks for your nice tip on that,,,,i appreciates, hope it works for me soon but please wat about using domains hope one can get approved fast with it?

    • Yes Elochi, using Country code top-level domains also get approval.

      Thanks once more for the visit 🙂

  10. Great article, thanks for the tips!. I just started my blog and your tips are really useful.

    Prosperity Kenneth

  11. I followed this post here from Facebook, I’ve seen a lot of your posts on my timeline and decided to check this one out.

    I must say, your writing is spot on. Well detailed, good grammar and straight to the point.

    Nice one boy. Keep up the good work.

  12. amazing thought, i have been following you on facebook, in fact i found this post as you shared it on facebook,But i ran a blog to be precise ,it syndicate news from other sites,do you think it will be acceptable for adsense or even if i buy adsense from another person,do you think it will be disabled.

    KEN i also have another blog,but it does not have much traffic in a day and it is up to 3 to 4 years with just 20 post.
    what do you think i should do?

    • Hello Onyekachi Uzoukwu;

      Firstly, thanks for stopping by 🙂

      If you run a blog that is not having unique articles then adsense won’t approve you 🙁

      But hopefully if you do follow this guide strictly, you will get approval by using a fresh new blog that is just 5 days old infact 😀

      About your blog, it is good to go for approval of a Nigerian adsense if it has unique contents that have quite good word count, Google cares less about traffic but quality.

      I do hope this answers your question Sir but feel free to ask more.

      Have a great time on my blog 🙂

  13. Sometimes it feels heartbreaking when you are not approved by adsense.Google is a big brand and doesn’t negotiate with its standards.

    Content Is King and I concur in that.However,despite googles adsense being the best contextual ads available,newbie bloggers are in rush to apply for it.It doesnt work like that.

    I advocate for a blog to last atleast 6 months before considering to join adsense.Give your readers content first.

    Thumbs up for this great post.

  14. Nice tips. I believe it will work because these are the quality criteria Adsense need on a blog. Although Google wasn’t strict back then in 2011 when i applied and got approved within 48 hours. Now the system has been abused that’s why they need serious publishers who care about providing valuable content on their website to educate their readers. Kudos on this write up bro.

    • Hello Zenda,

      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate alot 🙂

      Alot of bloggers really did abuse the approval stages by spamming google and there is nothing as much hated as spam by google.

      But anyways, those are bloggers for you. Give some bloggers a rare chance and they’ll totally shut off the door of opportunities.

      Let’s look on the bright side though, google has decided to be friendly in recent times, I hope they keep it mild with us.

      Thanks once again Brother, hope to see you here for more 😉

  15. Nice Kenneth, this is one of the best guide to get AdSense on a blog or website.

    You really detailed the steps and mostly, it’s newbie-friendly​.

    I love the post but can’t agree more on the point “6 months” what??

    If you research well, 6 months site age is for Asian countries.

    One can approve AdSense under few weeks (a month or two), yes it works. I did one under few weeks, not up to 3 months.

    All the same, this is cool tutorial that is going to stand the taste of time.

    Do have a nice day.

    • Hello Joseph,

      Yes I agree with you about the 6 months for Asians,

      The adsense you got approval for is it Nigerian?

  16. My website is about news, entertainment, culture and history and I write bilingually, in Hausa and English. Can AdSense approve such a blog?

    • Depending on the average word counts in your articles you are good to go Sir,

      Just make sure the major language on your website is English for approval.

      Otherwise you can get use a blogger site connected with a freenom domain just for adsense approval and then you can integrate your cultural site with it later.

  17. Nice post! I have applied most of these tips on my blog:; a blog that gives free tutorial posts and videos on microsoft office packages and latest android download links and happy to testify that it has really helped me get my own google adsense. Kudos!

  18. Thanks for the post. Last month my adsense account banned with $5,500. All of my traffic from Facebook page. I think this is the reason.

  19. Please sir I need help about my blog am blog about entertainment new, sport new and then my blog is above 6months now and google rejected my ads approved pls what I can do about this situation

  20. I have a hosted account. It is approved. But when I am placing ad in my WordPress site, It’s not showing any ad.. Can’t understand the problem.. What should I do now???

    • Hosted adsense only shows on Blogger and Youtube.
      If you need to use it on wordpress then you need to apply for a non hosted adsense account

  21. Hello Sir,

    Visiting your blog for the first time and am really glad I did!

    Please advice me, my website is actually 8 months old and it’s about Android Apps and Games. I don’t copy text, images or links from other blogs. On Average, my words per post is 500 words.

    Do you think Google will approve it? See my blog link here

    And one last question, is it true that if Google dissaproves your blog once, they can’t approve it again?

    Thanks, I await your reply!

      • Bro! Thanks so much for the quick response, I appreciate!
        I will apply towards the end of the month; hope to give my testimony here.

        Thanks once again!

      • And here’s my testimony as promised.

        I finally got approved by google. On the 18th of this month that was when i received the congratulation mail after.

        thanks bro!

  22. Hi Kenneth,
    I have recently bought hosting and a domain and my name are the same as the domain name, I write blogs about politics (I’m from Pakistan) and the content is solely mine, besides political blogs, I also write about technology and sports, Do I stand a chance or not?
    How to apply for this and what should I apply for hosted AdSense or non-hosted AdSense?
    Please reply me as soon as possible.

  23. Hi Kenneth,
    I have recently bought hosting and a domain and my name are the same as the domain name, I write blogs about products review (I’m from the USA) and the content is solely mine, besides political blogs, I also write about technology and sports, Do I stand a chance or not?
    How to apply for this and what should I apply for hosted AdSense or non-hosted AdSense?

  24. Hi Ken,
    I must commend you for the good work you are doing here.
    Please can you explain more on the following;
    1. How do we receive earnings from a US/UK adsense account.
    2. I have a dot come website built with wordress, can I still host an adesense on it.

    Thanks for your teachings

  25. Hi Prosperity,
    You write such a marvelous writing. I have read till the end and got amazing information.

    Thank you for sharing

  26. Hi dude , i have try for so many time , but not approved for adsense , i have read on your article , i have get article on ezine , and create for perfect blolg , but not approved why..

    its content issues ..

    so please how to get high quality content for free , please guide me dude , i am waiting for your valuable respond ..

  27. My blog is more than I year and Google adsense has rejected my application more than 6 times. I blog about news entertain, gist, lifestyl. Pls help mw d complaints frm Google has been insufficient content. Now dat my acc has been disapproved hw do I apply 4 US or UK adsense?

  28. Hello…
    I have a website “” with more than 800 articles… my website is organized very well and have a perfect navigation bar which changes dynamically on the basis of user interest so the user can easily click on the information what he needs. My daily page views are 500-650, and bounce rate is 60%-68%… my 50% of traffic is organic, and 35% is direct and others are referral and social. But still Google says that you have insufficient content. I have applied for AdSense more than 100 times, but Google disapprove my application. Please help me that what should I do know. And how to get approved AdSense. Please also check my Alexa Rank.

    Dayyal Dg.

    • Hello sir,

      i personally checked your site and it wasn’t bad; your articles and set up is good but it’s something you are doing wrongly.

      It’s part of google policy not to have an advertising company on your site before applying. Which you have “bidvertiser” on your site. Remove that advertising company and try to request adsense again.

      hope this works!

  29. Getting Adsense is one problem, earning with it is another problem.

    I will appreciate if you write a post on adsense placement to earn more.

    Thank you.

  30. Hey great guide trying for adsense from a long time but not approved yet. How much old should the blog to be before applying to adsense. is it true that websites which are not 6 months older are not approved by adsense. I hope i get adsense approved soon working for that and thanks for these great tips.

  31. Great Post 🙂 but kindly clear me when i have approved my adsense account by using US or UK address after that 10$ google send a pin so , before getting pin what can i do becouse the adrees is UK or USA and i am from pakistan ?

    • Yes, I am also Pakistani, so this is a suggestion for you that never register for AdSense from fake address, because Google verify your address. Google is much smarter, you can not cheat them. Even this trick is useless, because Google only send you the payment when you verify your address.

        • The Payment Address cannot be changed if someone signed up with U.S. proxy. And Google Payment Page says that YOUR BANK SHOULD BE IN U.S. AND IN U.S. DOLLAR CURRENCY. So there is no chance to change the address, because IBAN and SWIFT Code indicate the Bank Name and Location.

          • All my students have changed their payment address and received their pin in the past without issues

        • Only one thing can works, if you have relative/friend in U.S. who can receive the PIN to verify address, and a Payoneer Bank Account, to route the payment from Bank of America to direct into Payoneer Account. The money can only withdraw in Pakistan through Standard Charted ATM, because no other banks ATM accept Payoneer Master Card.

    • Go to payment page and edit your address into a real USA or Uk address and ask your recipient to assist you in receiving the verification code!

  32. Hellow,
    I tried this trick, but not worked for my blog, can you give me any suggestion. One Googler told me that Google also don’t accept the application on which content is rephrased.

  33. Hello! I have been researching for 4 years now on how to get AdSense approval. Finally, I got approved. I followed some steps in websites I have visited. I also want to share some to you.

  34. Hello everybody i read an article on solutionfall site they said your domain should be at least 2 month old to be approved but some bodies saying it should be 5 month old. Please help me how much old it should be to get approved by adsense. Thanks in advance.

  35. Hey Thanks for this great info, i also have approved google adsense by youtube it is a great method to get adsense approved fast and as you get your hosted account you can apply for your website and get approved fast i have also done this method and i wanted to share with you guys. Thanks!

  36. Great post dude. I applied for adsense before with enough articles. Still i get “Site does not comply with Google policies” please can you suggest me whats stopping my website to get approved?. Will be glad if you help me dude😊

  37. Hello sir,

    i personally checked your site and it wasn’t bad; your articles and set up is good but it’s something you are doing wrongly.

    It’s part of google policy not to have an advertising company on your site before applying which you have “bidvertiser” on your site. Remove that advertising company and try to request adsense again.

    hope this works!

  38. thanks for sharing this article….
    I am really thanks full to you by following all your guidelines finally i got approved my adsense account on my blog.

  39. Great and detail post you have here. It came handy especially now that I am thinking of building and Adsense site. I only have one question. Since domain must be at least 6 months old for Nigerian applicants, will it be wise I buy 6 months old domain or even website that’s 6+ months old and then fill it with details and long 20 – 30 articles and then go ahead to apply for Adsense straight away.

  40. I have sign up for google adsense for over a month now and i get email that my acct it not approved but let me try and use your trick and check if i will get approve thanks man

  41. This is so helpful. Well researched and coloured with actionable tips. I will definitely refer most of my adsense subscribers to this article.

    Just wondering…

    Can I get a guest post from you?

  42. Is Nigeria part of d country that will get AdSense approval after 6 month
    And is it advisable to use Nigeria AdSense

  43. Thanks for sharing information, this post is very helpful for Google Adsense approval. I really enjoyed this article.

  44. I created a new website, and get AdSense approved with ZERO days old website+domain. ZERO days old means ZERO traffic. I just follow these steps.
    1. Created a new blog and installed a new responsive template. At the same time, I purchased a new domain with .COM extension and pointed this domain to my blog.
    2. Created the three must pages (a) Privacy Policy (b) Contact (c) About
    3. Posted 20 articles (100% original; which I wrote before creating the blog)
    4. Created the navigation system.
    5. Submitted the sitemap to Google/Bing/Baidu/Yandex Webmasters Tools
    6. Applied for AdSense account upgrade as I already had a hosted account.

    It takes up to 20 days to get AdSense approval email, because my blog was new and has NO TRAFFIC. And by this method, I get AdSense approved account in the first submission of the ZERO days old website. So the conclusion is that never copy/paste from other blogs, even don’t copy a single line from other blogs. If you copied the content then forget AdSense. Even don’t try to rephrase the article, the AdSense Bot can detect the plagiarism.

  45. Admin, I opened a news and entertainment blog about 5 months ago, and I have been applying for adsense… Tho I actually copy, admit and paste on my blog, I haven’t been granted access to adsense… Is it possible for me to switch adsense accounts?

    • You actually copied the content from another blog/website. So obviously not, AdSense will not approve your website. One thing, that you can do, re-write the news in your own words and try to write it in more details then apply for AdSense. You will definitely get approved AdSense.

  46. Good article but
    I have try it is not working
    I find out that google wont approve you with free domain name
    So have to buy host and domain

    • You are actually not true i got approve with free domain check my site just follow the tricks that he wrote you will actually get approve

  47. I wish I had tried this earlier probably would’ve worked, That’s why I hate the internet. You have to keep updating yourself because the algorithm will always change no matter what. even now I can’t get Grammarly premium with the normal trick. Anyway thanks

  48. that is what i just use to get approved for my blog, you can check out to confirm sir.

    i love this article, it really helped me alot


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