How To Apply For Google Adsense And Get Fast Approval

Alot of Bloggers want to know the best way on how to apply for google adsense. Alot of times, bloggers get the disapproval message not because of issues with their website; but because they apply the wrong way.

In this article however, you will learn how to apply for google adsense using my method and get fast approval.

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I hope you have read my fast Google adsense approval trick and this phase remains the application phase.

So let’s begin below…

How To Apply For Google Adsense (USA/UK) Properly


  • A website
  • A PC
  • Good internet connection
  • Opera Browser 41.0 (PC Version)

So, let’s get walk the steps below.

Note: A PC is required for usage for guaranteed approval. You can borrow a friend’s own or visit the Cyber Café (Internet Café) and use a PC there to apply for google adsense.

Step 1:

Check your website for necessary fixes. Review it carefully like how Google does. Check for necessary pages, site load and ensure there is no plagiarism in articles.

Step 2:

Open Opera Browser (the latest version preinstalled SurfEasy VPN). Turn the VPN on to USA before opening To turn the VPN on, go to opera browser setting, click Privacy and Security then enable VPN. After that, the VPN icon will appear at the top left of the URL field.

Step 3:

Open and make a Create a new Gmail Account. Your VPN must be turned to USA when making the Gmail address. Fill only the necessary forms which you can view from the image below. Don’t fill mobile phone or current email address. The next step, you will have to verify the gmail account; you can use your local phone number, it works most of the time and if it fails then download textplus app from playstore and generate your USA number for the verification. Save down your username and password in a safe place.

how to apply for google adsense

Step 4:

After verifying your gmail account, still within the private tab, open and sign up for a new google adsense account. Fill the form as shown below.


how to apply for google adsense
Select any Country of your choice. In the above image mine is United States of America
how to apply for google adsense
Accept the Google adsense Terms and Conditions

Step 5:

Fill out Payment information with account type and your address (fill in your real and active phone number). If you’re applying for a foreign google adsense account, open and generate a foreign address from there. See example in image below.

how to apply for google adsense
Address generated from

Step 6:

Verify your phone number. This stage is necessary to ensure your payment information is accurate. You can choose to verify by receiving an SMS or automated phone call containing your special verification code.

how to apply for google adsense

Step 7:

Connect your website to adsense by placing a code within the <head> tag of your website. Once you copy the code and paste the code, click done to alert adsense bot that you have paste the code on your website. If your website is hosted on Blogger, ensure to use an adsense code parser to make the code compatible with blogger templates. Afterwards, paste it as seen in the image below. Don’t forget to save.

how to apply for google adsense

If your website is a wordpress website then install header and footer script inserter plugin and paste the adsense code in the first header box. See image for example.

how to apply for google adsenseDon’t forget to save.


Ensure to check the Gmail account daily for any message from the adsense team concerning verifying your domain. Don’t forget to check using private tab and also turn on the VPN to USA.

I hope this guide is helpful on how to apply for google adsense. If you have further questions feel free to ask and further contributions will get an instant reply.

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  1. Really insightful and well details with pictorial guide. Thank you.

    Would like to read on How to verify UK/USA AdSense account easily.

  2. Well said Prosperity.
    One thing is to tweak your website to meet Adsense Terms and Conditions while applying for Adsense in the right way is quite another.

    Most times, Adsense does not state or pin point a particular reason why they disapprove a particular site.

    Applying the wrong way is definitely a reason for such disapproval from Adsense.

    Thanks once again for sharing!

    • Hello Okechukwu,

      awesome contributions. Thanks alot for adding valuable information to the content.


  3. Great article as always. Please I have a website and I have tried as much as possible to keep the articles clean and plagiarism free at least checking with the free plagiarism checkers online. But I keep getting the automated email reply from adsense.

    Please which blogspot theme, would you recommend I use that you know would work well for adsense and maybe a site already using it and has gotten approval in the past, so I can learn how they set things up. Thanks

    • Hi Oyegbenga,

      reapply following my guide that you’ve just viewed above to get approval.

      As for a good blogspot theme, I recommend smartseo theme for blogger.

  4. Bro i swear i won’t lie, you’re stil one of the honest seo bloggers i know in naija, your tutorials are straightforward. Your work looks neat, keep up the good job bro. Very soon your recognition will reach top countries.. Thanks for this article

    • Hello Tec Xploit,

      it is great reading your nice and cute comment. Thanks for commending me and ensure to check back for more awesome articles.


  5. Once again thank you for this wonderful post.

    Another thing is that how can one verify UK or USA AdSense from Nigeria?

  6. Nice article:

    My concern; There is nothing wrong with applying as a Nigerian and there’s nothing special about applying as an American.

    I believe content is everyrything. I build my blog and wrote only 5 high-quality content. Then I applied. I got approved within few days. That’s not all there is to it. There are a lot of things to do legitimimately to even keep your active. I explained how I got approved in a pdf. If you’re interested, I’ll share.

    it’s one thing to get approved, it’s another to sustain the approved status. you can easily become disaproved because of one silly mistake. Google is smarter now.

    most time, there manually check your site according Matt Cut, Google’s Head of Spamm.

  7. Hello …thanks for this wonderful piece of Info i will make sure i try it out but can I get approved with a domain..??

  8. This is very interesting and wonderful but I think there is nothing wrong applying as a Nigerian, however the most important thing is to write good content but your tips is wonderful bro…

  9. Hi Prosperity,
    Nice one you’ve got up there. I have read and practised numerous Adsense application strategies and tips but am fully convinced this one stands out from the rest. Quite incisive and straight-to-point tutorial. I must confess, am an ardent reader of your wonderful blog and its unique content. Keep the good work going, sharing this ASAP!

  10. Nice one, it really worked.
    i really think Nigeria blog or African sites should have high traffic before applying, because the site i applied with using US account just have 500 visitors a day with out Disclaimer Page, Privacy Policy Page and Terms of Service Page, and is entertainment site. This is a good prove that we are still not recognize at-all.

    But i have few question.

    Can i use this adsense account on a site that was previously banned, because of bomber clicking or with another site with copywriter?
    Now that we use US address how can we now verify the account when you reach threshold verification through mail box address or is that not applicable again?
    can i use any other ads or pop under like


  11. nice article really enjoyed while reading and doing it is helpful to beginners those who want to apply for adsense account

  12. Hello prosperity.
    I have a website where I target USA. If I use a fake number, how will I be verified because it means I will be using USA AdSense.

  13. Amazing!!! This is awesome checklist. I have saved it offline. I think, it’s time to implement this secret strategies before it went viral. LOL!

    Thanks, for your valuable tips.I would like to say a lot of thanks for these knowledge sharing tips.😀😀


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