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What is Google adsense and how does it work

Google adsense is one of the various ways bloggers monetize their blogs by displaying live ads.

Now before I get started I will like to introduce you to google adsense and how you can get started with it.

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What is Google Adsense?

What is Google adsense and how does it work

Now probably you are asking, what is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

How exactly do you earn from Google Adsense?

Google Adsense monetization - An introduction to Google Adsense

Google adsense main purpose of launch is to generate revenue and profits both for advertisers and publishers. The major way to earn from Google adsense is by getting clicks on your published adsense advertisement units or by getting thousand impressions.

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How Google adsense work

What is Google adsense and how does it work

I will explain exactly how adsense works…

  • The blogger who wishes to participate in AdSense inserts the AdSense JavaScript code into a webpage.
  • Each time this page is visited by an end user (e.g., a person surfing the Internet), the JavaScript code uses inlined JSON to display content fetched from Google’s servers.
  • For contextual advertisements, Google’s servers use a web cache of the page created by its Mediabot “crawler” to determine a set of high-value keywords. If keywords have been cached already, advertisements are served for those keywords based on the AdWords bidding system.
  • For website-targeted advertisements, the advertiser chooses the page(s) on which to display advertisements, and pays based on cost per mille (CPM), or the price advertisers choose to pay for every thousand advertisements displayed.
  • For referrals, Google adds money to the advertiser’s account when visitors either download the referred software or subscribe to the referred service. The referral program was retired in August 2008.
  • Search advertisements are added to the list of results after the visitor/user performs a search.
  • Because the JavaScript is sent to the Web browser when the page is requested, it is possible for other website owners to copy the JavaScript code into their own webpages. To protect against this type of fraud, AdSense publishers can specify the pages on which advertisements should be shown. AdSense then ignores clicks from pages other than those specified.
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Benefits of Google Adsense

Google Adsense monetization - An introduction to Google Adsense

Why is Google adsense the best?

Chances are, you know how adsense works now. You probably desire to know why you have to integrate adsense into your website.

We all know Google, it is heart of internet. Once it was shutdown for 2-3 minutes and 40% web traffic gone down.

  • It is a program of Google, so everybody trust it.
  • It is pay-per-click program i.e. when a person coming to your site click on AdSense ads, you get paid.
  • It display contextual ads i.e. it detect the keywords around and then displays the ads accordingly. For example, if you are writing a post on SEO, 90% ads would be related to SEO.

Another way AdSense shows ads is by using the cookie method. Based on user search history, they display targeted ads which convert better.

Google AdSense itself want you earn more with its programs, they show targeted ads so that you get more clicks, they provide certain tutorials to make you earn more.

Google Adsense Monetization types

Google Adsense monetization - An introduction to Google Adsense


The content-based advertisements can be targeted for users with certain interest or contexts. The targeting can be CPC (“per click”) or CPM (per impression) based, the only significant difference in CPC and CPM is that with CPC targeting, earnings are based on clicks while CPM earnings recently are actually based not just per views/impression but on a larger scale, per thousand impression, therefore driving it from the market, which makes CPC ads more common. There are various ad sizes available for content ads. The ads can be simple text, image, animated image, flash video, video, or rich media ads. At most ad sizes, users can change whether to show both text and multimedia ads or just one of them. As of November 2012, a grey arrow appears beneath AdSense text ads for easier identification. Google made a policy update regarding the number of ads per page, the three ads per page limit has been removed.

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Page Level Ads

Page-level ads are a family of ad formats that offer a new and innovative way for you to monetize your content. With Page-level ads, you place the same piece of ad code once on each page that you want to show the name.


AdSense for search allows publisher to display ads relating to search terms on their site and receive 51% of the revenue generated from those ads.   AdSense custom search ads can be displayed either alongside the results from an AdSense Custom Search Engine or alongside internal search results through the use of Custom Search Ads. Custom Search Ads are only available to “white-listed” publishers. Although the revenue share from AdSense for Search (51%) is lower than from AdSense for Content (68%) higher returns can be achieved due to the potential for higher Click Through Rates.


AdSense for video allows publishers with video content (e.g., video hosting websites) to generate revenue using ad placements from Google’s extensive advertising network. The publisher is able to decide what type of ads are shown with their video inventory. Formats available include linear video ads (pre-roll or post-roll), overlay ads that display AdSense text and display ads over the video content, and the TrueView format.  Publishers can also display companion ads – display ads that run alongside video content outside the player. AdSense for video is for publishers running video content within a player and not for YouTube publishers.

Link units

Link units are closely targeted to the interests of your users. Because users directly interact with the ad unit, they may be more interested in the ads they eventually see.

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AdSense publishers are paid for clicks on the ads that are linked from link unit topics, not for clicks on the initial topics themselves. The ads on the linked page are pay-per-click Google ads similar to those shown in regular AdSense ad units.

So with that guys I hope I have explained Google Adsense monetization and you can now use this medium to start generating revenues from your website traffic.

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