7 Proven Tips on becoming a Great Blogger

Tips on becoming a great blogger are vast and many, they are simply the instructions you ought to obey and necessary things to consider before jumping on the blogging train.

Alot of people usually jump into blogging because of the money or fame or well acclaimed public respect that bloggers usually have, although it is good to have such aspirations especially as a newbie blogger, there is simply nothing wrong with having those point of views but blogging is beyond that, in this article you will understand necessary Tips on becoming a great blogger.

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One very much question most newbie bloggers or people venturing into blogging needs to ask themselves. Why have you chose to be a blogger?!

If you have decided to enter into the blogging field then you need to ask yourself that question, it is simple to answer by simply following your heart, most people I know entered blogging because they can see a friend progressing in it and while this is a good motivation it is also a bad preference because once they don’t earn much success that friend is earning then they decide to quit. In my views becoming a blogger usually because of material goals and aspiration is bad and must be avoided, blogging is a “true-love choice” you ought to make.
Becoming a blogger is a timely decision you have to medidate on it because blogging requires uniqueness, creativity, passion, dedication, motivation and inspiration. I will explain all this below.


The major rule of blogging is being unique. Uniqueness is the state of being yourself only to yourself, this means you generate your very own ideas for your blog not imitating anyone. Understand that when you plagiarize (copy) contents from someone’s blog, you are forever under that person’s success. If I’m sharing the Tips on becoming a great blogger and I don’t include this attribute then I am a bad person.


Creativity is being able to generate new great ideas for your blog that are suitable and interesting for your readers.


Passion is having a great desire for something, as a blogger you have to be fully passionate about blogging so that you can easily keep moving even during hard times.


Dedication is staying focus on your blogging job, always be willing to update your blog and also create amazing contents that entertains your bloggers.


What keeps you running as a blogger? Is it the fun of it, the helpful part of it, the fame of it? Sure something has to be there to keep your blogging career moving and progressive.


inspiration is what makes you to keep maintaining all these attributes above, although it is a similar feature to motivation but inspiration has to do with upholding to source of motivation.

Tips on becoming a great blogger

Tips on becoming a great blogger - Learn the secret

Understanding your hobbies

Alot of people ask me, “how do I start blogging?” or “how do I become a great blogger?”, yes good you guessed my reply, the major secret to be a great blogger is by understanding what you love to do. I tell you, great bloggers became great by blogging about their hobbies and if you consider this factor you are sure on a great path.

Write Great Contents

As a blogger you have to write great contents that contains meaningful effects on your readers, to maintain a great blog and to becoming a great blogger you have to keep readers on your blog for long.

Passionate Learner

You have to be willing to learn as a blogger, you learn from mistakes, experiences, conversation with different people, understanding successful tactics and knowing necessary strategies that will help your blogging career.

Hardwork Mentality

Becoming a great blogger means you also have to be hardworking, if you want your blog to become very successful then you must have a work-hard mind to boost you

Blogging Skills

When Becoming a great blogger you also need great blogging skills, and that includes problem solving abilities, social interaction, good coding abilities, and many much more.

Smart-working abilities

Blogging requires hardwork and smartness at the same time, as a blogger you need these two attributes flowing together so as to succeed, working with hardwork will earn reputation but working with smartness will generate the revenues.

Avoid silly blogging mistakes

Many bloggers make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, I won’t be elaborating more on this in this article but I want you to shun black-hat techniques in blogging, focus on being a good blogger, build backlinks don’t buy them, write 100% unique article not plagiarized contents, generate your revenue with clean traffic and never build mailing list using trickish techniques.

I appreciate you for reading the Tips on becoming a great blogger, please take a second to write a comment if I inspired you. Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Oh I guess I got all this qualities but I got so.e mistakes though. It gives joy to be a blogger. LoL


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