How To Get Grammarly Premium Account For Free In 2017

Ever heard about Grammarly? The tool that keeps your written language intact. Well in this article I will teach you how to get a grammarly premium free.

Before we proceed… let’s talk about grammarly itself

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Grammarly – The Effective Communication Tool

What is this tool all about?

Grammarly is a great tool that alot of people use daily in different tasks whether official or casual.

In what way do people use it?

People use it to write letters, seal documents and compile social media posts without mistakes or errors.

Cool, what about accuracy?

From my personal experience, Grammarly tool is mistake-free, maintains great vocabulary and ensures accurate spellings in documents.

The great importance of this tool is the usefulness when it comes to ensuring you don’t make any silly mistakes in your written spellings.

Do you feel your English is perfect? Probably you haven’t popped it into the grammarly tool for confirmation. No matter how good you are the tool will still detect an error in your spellings and provide a correction to it.

But how exactly does grammarly tool work?

According to the company and from my own observations, if the tool detects an error in your text, it flags it and provides the suitable correction to it; not forgetting that it provides the reasons why the text has been flagged. It gives you the proper replacement of the flagged text and why it isn’t suitable for your grammar.

Why am I telling you all this? Is Grammarly for you?

Yes, of course. After compiling your blog post each time, paste it in the grammarly tool to ensure your texts are well suited and readable. This tool is a dream come true for you if your readers desire 100% readability and great vocabulary.

In summary, this tool is great for:

  • Bloggers
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Business Individuals
  • Journalists
  • Engineers


You can keep mentioning countless professions. In as much as documents are handled then grammarly tool should be involved.

The good thing about this tool is the fact that it will keep improving your writing skills.

Now we reach the break point…

There are two categories of Grammarly accounts just like every other tool:

  • Free and Premium

We already know what to expect in maximizing usage when it comes handling the account types and this means lots of benefits go with the grammarly premium than the free account type.

But before then…

Let’s discuss the benefits of each account types.

Grammarly Premium vs Grammarly Free

We will discuss the benefits and head-to-head comparison of the both Grammarly accounts.

Is the free account worth it?

I won’t like to underrate the free account type because it is also great. It has great features too but Grammarly Premium is better in my opinions and am sure you also love it. The basic account is great for students or small time writers  (beginners) who cannot afford spending monthly or annually for the premium account.

Let’s talk about the benefits of the premium account

After reading the benefits, you will discover the price for the premium grammarly account does worth it.

1. Great Checks For Spellings And Grammars

The free account provides 150 grammar checks unlike the premium grammarly account that provides 400 error checks within your grammars and spellings. If you desire very low error rates for your readers then the premium account will be the best choice for you.

2. Readable Texts and Languages

The premium account ensures use of good words within your sentences, it scans for the word that will best suit your speech and it suggests it for better readability. This is same as it recommending an alternate word that fits best in your text, readable to readers and wonderful for a good SEO.

3. Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages

The tool has an inbuilt bot that checks the web for plagiarized sentences that may be in use on your article. This is especially beneficial to bloggers if you wish to stay within Google’s good books and if you want to rank higher for targeted keywords. It crawls the web for passages that have been repeated many times and it corrects it into a unique passage.

4. Integration with Microsoft® Office

The grammarly premium account provides an add-on for microsoft office application. It seamlessly works smoothly with the word application when composing a good document. This feature is not provided for the free account users.

5. Gives Details on Grammar Corrections

The premium grammarly account detects errors in texts and provide details with reasons why the text was flagged.

Along with that,

It makes a sentence just for you to get a better understanding why your text isn’t right.

How to Get Grammarly Premium Free

If you prefer premium features than basic features then the premium account is for you.

But wait…

Do you wish to spend much money on the premium account? when you can get it for free!

Well here’s the chop….

I will teach you how to get grammarly premium free…. and I mean…. all for free

Using 3 working methods we will get grammarly premium free. Let’s hit it.

Method 1

This is the first method on how to get grammarly premium free.

  1. Click this Grammarly link
  2. Using Chrome, Firefox or Safari Download the Grammarly extension to your computer.
  3. After signing up you will be greeted with a Premium Grammarly account.

NOTE: You must use the link above for this to work and install the extension foremost before making the account.

Method 2

This second method is very much important because the account from the first method will be premium for one week alone so when it expires follow this pattern I am going to teach you.

Before proceeding with this method ensure that you have already followed the first method in making an account and it must be created using that link for it to be a grammarly premium account.

Let’s hit the gear….

Getting a grammarly premium free is also possible using the introduced referral program. For each new user you refer to grammarly you get a grammarly premium free for a whole week so if you refer 50 people you get 50 weeks free.

  1. Login to the grammarly account you made in method 1
  2. Click on the grammarly referral program link 
  3. If you are logged in then you will see your unique referral code at the bottom just like this (
  4. Copy the link, using Mozilla Browser clear all time cache and cookies, uninstall and install the grammarly extension. Use a good VPN to open a new private window and then turn on tracking protection to block grammarly from accessing your cookies
  5. Paste your referral link into the link bar and load the page
  6. You will be greeted with a new signup form for grammarly, use fake details in the sign up
  7. Complete the signup, return to your main account, save the details of the fake account and delete it after a week.
  8. Repeat this every week to keep getting grammarly premium free

Method 3


This method requires very less effort from you because it has been taken care of already. Below are lists of Grammarly Premium account logins. Use any login of your choice.


Grammarly is a great tool that formats your blog post to the best English vocabulary you can imagine. Used by students, writers and professors alike so it is a wonderful tool you should be using. I hope you learnt how to get grammarly premium Free. Feel free to ask questions and I will reply you instantly. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with friends on social media.


  1. Nice trick here Prosperity. Grammarly has really helped me speak and write professional grammars since I started to use it.

    In fact, had it been I didn’t have a premium account already, this trick would have been the perfect trick for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, Grammarly is a very wonderful tool for compiling blog posts.

      Hope you enjoy the premium version 🙂

  2. Nice post Bro. I will give that referral method a try because I am already using a free plan on grammaly and can’t sign up through your link.

    What a fantastic post. I’m sharing it right away.

    • Hello Mr Joe, Thanks for stopping by,

      Yes, seems you’re already on a grammarly plan so you can’t sign up using someone’s link anymore,

      The way out?!

      Share your referral link among your friends, that will earn you a premium account.

      Thanks for the share 🙂

  3. Grammarly tends to tear my written word to pieces! I use it on occasions when I need a tool that will really pull me up on even the minutest error!

  4. Hey Kenneth, can you please email me the info for one of the premium accounts. I plussed one up on google but it still didnt unlock. Kinda need it quick.

  5. dear Ken bro, you’re a geek and consider me your nerd because, “you live it, and i talk it”. great sailor to blogging ship, keep it stunning. you’re rapidly growing steadily in great articles, you no get duplicate at-all, you no get part-2. once again, this is in the house. happy blogging. kinds regards!

  6. Thank you very much, Prosper have been using the Free Account. Thanks to you can now use the Premium account for free. Kudos Bro.


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