How To Get Free Domain For Blogger [Complete Walkthrough]

Here’s how to get free domain for blogger.

Do you know? Lots of people wish to gain that chance to share their ideas on the web. This means they want to start their blog too but in one way or the other they don’t have enough money to buy the necessary things.

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A domain name is the most essential requirement that powers a blog.


Money is a barrier that stops most bloggers from acquiring a domain.


I have a discovery that will get free domain for blogger easily.

Before we begin….

Why should you use a free domain?

If you cannot afford popular domain extensions then a free domain is your best bet.

You may wish to use a domain for a certain reason. Probably part time experiments or for just a few days.

If you are trying to get adsense approval then the blogger free domain name definitely worths it.

Please note: Domain extension has no SEO influence therefore if you get a .tk, .ml or .ga extension and build equal links to it then it will rank as popular extensions do.

How To Get Free Domain For Blogger

get free domain for blogger

Step 1: Head to and input your desired domain name in the rectangular box then check availability. Please note that domain extensions have to end in “.tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq.

Step 2: If your desired domain is available, select it. You can select as much as you wish then proceed to checkout.

Step 3: Toggle over the period validity of the domain and select 12 months. When that is done, click on continue at the bottom of the page. (The most important step.)


get free domain for blogger

Step 4: At this stage, you are presently on the review and checkout page, Login using any of your social profiles or verify any of your e-mail address. Fill in your necessary details to complete the order.

get free domain for blogger

Step 5: Click on complete order to register the domain(s).

get free domain for blogger

We are not done yet, keep reading…

How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger

Sign into the client area using your social account or your email address and scroll to the bottom of the page where you see “my services” then click on “my domains”.

get free domain for blogger

In a new tab, open your blogger dashboard and head over to the settings tab. Select basic settings.

get free domain for blogger

Click “+Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog” to point your registered domain to your blog.


get free domain for blogger
Please note that the highlighted CNAME targets are unique.

When you click on save, you will notice an error but don’t be distressed. I will walk you through the process to clear the error easily.

Step 1: Go back to the Freenom tab you left open. That will be the domains section. Head over to the domain and click on the manage domain option.

Step 2: Click on manage Freenom DNS.

get free domain for blogger


Step 3: View the image below before we proceed.

get free domain for blogger

In the first field under the name section input “www” and set target as “”.

In the second field. Note that the name and targets are uniquely provided by blogger therefore input your unique name and target into the appropriate field.

We’re not done yet!

List the I.P. addresses shown below in the “A” section. You’ll need to create four separate A-records which point to four different Google IP addresses.

Once that is done, click save and head back to blogger basic settings and also click save. Your custom domain will be setup successfully.


That is not all…

You have to set up a domain redirection of non www URL to www URL to prevent immense loss of traffic.

Here’s what to do! Just two steps…

Step 1: Click on edit as seen below.

get free domain for blogger

Step 2: tick Redirect to Click on save and your domain is good to go.

get free domain for blogger

Hope this article helps you to get free domain for blogger. If you have any questions to ask regarding this, please feel free to ask via the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with friends.


  1. Oh, I was hoping for a free .com domain but you gat me reading word by word.

    But, Free domain extension is not advisable for a professional blog that want to rank high on search engines.

    Nice write up.

  2. I only use .tk to get AdSense approval.

    Can you please share with me a blogger template that fully support SEO customization in its HTML???

    Thanks for lovely sharing sir.

  3. Well, freenom has been offering free domain extension for a long time but those extensions are not brand worthy.

    While they may not be totally bad for seo, it would definitely cost you in the long run of transferring to a .com extension.

    Thanks for sharing once more bro..

    • When you get an AdSense account with .tk domain you can use it on .com domain and other
      domain like .ng,, .xyz

  4. can you share any information about .com domain to buy cheap and windows hosting providers who provide cheap windows hosting for .net

  5. Those domain names are not brand worthy at all. Why would a blogger (serious as that) go for a free TLD when he can get as low as #1000. Doesn’t conform to any level of seriousness at all. Great content once again from you

  6. This is very good, but I want the. Com, cheap price, just list where to buy it, and if I buy it, will blogger still host it, or I need to purchase hosting services too?


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