5 Ways To Discover Your Blogging Niche Perfectly

Alot of bloggers have problems choosing their preferred blogging niche, this however is not that bad. You will learn how to discover your blogging niche perfectly in this article.

Let’s head on and begin….

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What is a Blogging Niche

How to discover your blogging niche [Perfect Guide for Beginners]
This is the niche-finding circle, comprising of the major factors to finding your perfect niche.

A blogging niche defines exactly what relative contents is published on your blog; Just like having a professional job as a medical doctor then you can decide if you are a dentist or a surgeon. Because of much simplicity, what really are these niches you might consider?!

They can be:

  • Entertainment Contents;
  • Technology Contents;
  • Finance Contents;
  • Health Contents;

And much others….

How to discover your blogging niche

How to discover your blogging niche [Perfect Guide for Beginners]

Discovering a blogging niche is a crucial phase in blogging because it determines what category your blog falls in and the idea you build your blog around. Though I have seen bloggers make huge mistakes when picking a niche so you should avoid such mistakes.

When you are to discover your blogging niche what do you consider? I have the answer below;

If you need to learn how to discover your blogging niche then you should consider yourself and your main purpose of blogging from the start; What exactly do I mean? I mean, You should know why you are a blogger.

2 types of bloggers

  • Blogger by passion
  • Blogger for money

Yes, guess right…. This is the main starting block, are you blogging for passion or for money; Let’s sum it down.

1.Blogger by passion

I tend to believe people blogging due to their passion have less problems figuring out their niche,

this is because your passion probably is your niche. In the case of a professional medical doctor; creating a blog and finding its niche is relatively easy because he will decide to run the blog on health relations. This is same for a music lover, or a gamer; They tend to discover their niche easily because of their passion. So it is easy to discover your blogging niche in this relativeness.


2.Blogger for money

It is somehow difficult learning how to discover your blogging niche as a blogger for money or as I would call it: Blogger for profits.

Due to how curious for profits you might be, you can end up your time doing more research on a niche that pays or rather juggling different niches together. You might later on discover your blogging niche probably after a very long time that you could have used to establish your blog.

We have now covered that section of the article and I will proceed straight and give you the ultimate guide on how to discover your blogging niche.

Know your Hobby

I will love to sound this aspect very clearly,

knowing and blogging your hobby is the very major factor that will guide you to know your blogging niche. If I am a business man and my hobby is probably calculating all major wall street’s daily earns and loss; I will therefore make a blog to that shows daily statistics of wall street, that happens because of my interest. If I tend to love soccer, I will go along and make a soccer blog where my friends can catchup all soccer actions.

Walk along your profession

Sure enough but true;

Are you a lawyer or a teacher? Probably you are a hairstylist! Well I have good news, publish your profession as a content online! Believe me or not, why not try to arrange a blog where your students usually get their after classes lessons; or a blog dedicated to your legal aides or where your clients can get latest hair trends and much more. Moreover, instead of walking straight to your office, patients can look up your health advice from your blog. Yea! You know; This proves to even flow blogging along with your daily job and keeps things going extra-efficient. Also, this idea tends to promote your business as well.

Research your potential competitors

Alright, you have grasped the two ideas above;

Your blog’s niche sure determines your blog’s outcome (success and failure). That is what makes this phase essential, you probably might have opted-in to start a health blog or an educative blog based on your profession; with this then, your question could be “what next?“. The proper thing to do next is research your competitors, know which blog ranks well in health niche, which dominates in business, who can you take out faster in entertainment niche. Though, I do advise some niches might have strong competitors but as long as you are blogging for passion just try to get daily 2000 viewers and you are good to go. Just write great content that serves your readers *smiles*.

Know the worth of your niche

Is your niche worth it?

Can it be said that your niche can serve your interest and at same time earn you good amount of money as reward for your efforts?! If yes, then you have 110% percent backing from me to go ahead. Create a good profitable niche idea that can raise your blog’s popularity and earnings when you apply right efforts. Understand your niche properly; know how well you can keep yourself comfortable in it financially, although, most times money is not the central attraction; Understanding the value of your niche is necessary.

Get going and started

You have now understood how to discover your blogging niche. The proper action now is to get started. Create a blog and apply your niche in it, get involved, write good articles in your niche, reach out to you audience and Get people to read your blog easily. Over time you will learn i is nice you have a good niche in store, though, you might not start getting the quick success, just apply good strategies and improve your marketing.

Concluding Regards

You are armed with great information to easily discover your blogging niche. My advise to you is start a blog todayapply efforts to it and watch your niche convert flexibly. It is my good intention you succeed in whatever niche you decide to tackle, just keep yourself motivated and always going.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. You said very well Ken. I wish to say something.

    Content Is King Right? But As It Stands, it’s no longer about just publishing great content, but the RIGHT CONTENT.

    You know, there are folks who post great and original content, but still, they don’t get results, its either their content gets no view or no one care about it. You could do a piece on that, guess how many bloggers you can help by show them how to write the Right contents that are awesomely great. Thanks.


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