Ten Best Free FLV Players For Windows And Mac

I present the Best flv player for Windows and Mac

Flash Video or FLV is a file format for delivering digital videos over the internet.

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FLV is the most widely used format most common to online streaming in websites such as Youtube, Metacafe, Vevo, hulu and others.

FLV videos can be stream online easily without stress using browsers with flash players.


Normal Windows application won’t play the videos you download from youtube because they can’t recognize the FLV format.


Using the best flv players for windows or mac can save you the stress.

10 Best FLV Player For Windows And Mac

Below are the best flv player for windows and mac

1. Any-FLV-Player (Windows)

It is an easy to use web video player for windows users. It allows you to play FLV files on your computer once you download it. Apart from that; You can also publish your FLV players with the tool.

2. Wimpy Player (Windows and Mac)

Wimpy player is a simple to setup flv video player. It has flexible design choices and can easily be configured to one’s taste. It also works on all devices.

3. Moyea FLV Player

Moyea FLV Player is a free and popular software for playing flv videos on your computer. You can add video playlists and enjoy an uninterrupting play.

4. VLC media player (Windows)

VLC media player is one of the best video players. It supports almost all video formats including FLV. VLC media player also supports audio files. It is free to download.

5. Mac Media Player (Mac)

Mac Media Player is a high resolution video player that supports FLV format. It is very user-friendly and also has an attractive design.

6. Riva FLV Player (Windows)

Riva FLV Player is a simple flv video player. You can “pin” the player while you do other multi-tasks. This means you won’t have to miss any moment. Riva FLV player is great for windows.

7. Foxtab FLV Player

Foxtab FLV Players supports flv formats. It allows you play your videos in a clean and modern graphic interface. You can use the software to watch flv videos from youtube, daily motion and other streaming websites.

8. Elmedia Player (Windows and Mac)

Elmedia is a super versatile video player of FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, DAT, MKV, MP3, FLAC, M4V and other formats. Enjoy your videos on Elmedia without any slow downs or breaks.

9. FLV Viewer (Windows)

FLV viewer is a free and easy to use video player for flv formats. It also allows you to zoom during video play. It comes with all necessary add-ons inbuilt.

10. Free FLV Player (Windows)

Free FLV Player is a fully working flv video player. It plays amnd converts flash videos downloaded from streaming sites such as youtube and others. You can play videos in any resolution.

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