Backlinks In SEO – Full Introduction Guide for beginners

Backlinks In SEO one of the very most mentioned word among bloggers due to it’s importance.

Of recent I discovered that most bloggers especially the newbies don’t know what the term Backlink is! So sad but true.

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I shall be educating you on what Backlinks In SEO really is and the potential importance it has to boost your website presence.

Definition of Backlinks

Backlinks are returning links of a webpage, it simply means they are referring links that mentions a webpage.

Backlink refers to when a webpage links to another webpage, it has been known very much in the past as a requirement for ranking high on a keyword in search engines. This simply means that a page with lots of backlinks tend to rank higher than others.

Backlinks In SEO – Related terms you should know

Link-Juice: defines the activity that occur when a website passes link to yours. It is important because link juice passed to your webpage by an authority webpage increases your webpage rank and authority. This simply means that the linking domain is sharing his rank status with you.

Do-follow Link: Dofollow links are the type of links that allows for transfer of link juice. All links added to your webpage are dofollow links by default.

No-follow link: No-follow links are links passed to a webpage by another webpage but with no link juice been passed. It is used in most cases when linking to a site that has little trust or reliability.

Linking Domains: This term is used in explaining the number of unique domains linking to your webpage. It simply means that if Page “A” links to your page 10 times then the uniqueness of Page “A”s link is 1.

Low-quality Links: This term refer to links that are of no value. It mostly describes backlinks coming from gambling, porn, spammy, automated and harvested sites. Google and most other search engines dislike this links and so webpages that get links from this are at high risk of getting penalized.

Internal Links: This term is used to define links that are being passed from one page to another page within the same domain. This is done most times to increase the “richness” and “authority” of a webpage that is not ranking well by one that has good rank.

Anchor Text: Anchor text are used during the backlinking process. They are texts that are used within the hyperlinks. It functions very nice especially when you want to rank a page.

Backlinks In SEO: Importance

Backlinks have a lot of importance because they help search engines identify your blog’s popularity and trust. Since the crawler and indexer bots are spiders they require a medium that will help them know which webpages are okay to rank for search keywords. If they discover your webpage has lots of mentions from authority webpages then you get a good rank.

Although in past times you could rank good for a keyword even with a backlink from a less authority webpage but all those methods are outdated today.

Google Penguin Algorithm ensured that bloggers had to work for high authority backlinks from trusted sites that are relevant and related to niche of yours in order to get good blog ranking.

Below we are the benefits of Backlinks In SEO 

Improves search presence

Backlinks have proven over time to be a great factor of improving a website’s rank on search results.

To achieve this, it is necessary to get links from relevant sites to your individual pages and homepage.

Faster Search Index

When crawl spiders discover your site has lots of backlinks they can easily index your pages that is why it is necessary for most blogs to get backlinks.

Traffic from Linking Sites

Anchor text backlinks usually gets referral clicks from the websites linking to it, this is mostly beneficial especially when the linking website has good traffic.

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How to get Backlinks

You have learnt what backlinks are and their importance, now I will teach you ways you can also attract these backlinks to your site.

The three (3) best methods are:

  1. Write good blog posts
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. Submission to link directories

Write good blog posts

The best way to get good backlinks to you is by writing useful blog articles. In tend of this you will get natural backlinks from higher webpages in appreciation to your content.

You can also achieve it through guest posting and writing of proper researched contents.

Blog commenting 

Another way to get backlinks from other websites is by commenting on their articles. Most websites by default give out do-follow links and so gives out chance for a link juice.

Note: Don’t drop spammy comments or else your blog will be penalised.

Submission to link directories

A web directory or link directory is an online list or catalog of websites. That is, it is a directory on the World Wide Web of (all or part of) the World Wide Web.

Submission to these directories gives you a chance to get backlinks.

However, finding a reliable link directory today is not easy as most are not trustworthy, I will advise you never to submit to directories that requires your blog to give them a backlink first before your website gets indexed in their directory.

Avoid using tricks that involve automatic submission of your site to directories as it would be considered spammy and you can also attract a penalty for your blog.

I hope you understood this article and know fully of what Backlinks are and its importance.

If you have any questions concerning Backlinks In SEO then drop it in comments box below. Cheers!!!


  1. hello kenneth,
    Thanks for sharing your honest experience about SEO . When I first took a look at my headshots, I wasn’t too thrilled with mine but you’ve given me a new perspective!

    I appreciate the shout out in your article too!

  2. This is very nice links that you have shared one. its very useful to me to get more backlinks. Thanks for sharing it

    • The best ones are
      Yahoo Dir
      Directory Journal
      Joe ant
      Aviva Directory
      Scrub the web

  3. The backlinks play very important role for SEO marketing of any website. But it is not possible for the new business persons to know all about the backlinks.

  4. Wonderful blog I liked the complete article…. great written, Thanks for all the information you have provided.

  5. It is really a very good post for beginners. But I want to know one thing. How to submit to directories. By submitting how can we get back links ?

  6. Great and helpful article. No doubt, writing guest posts is one of the best method to get HQ backlinks…
    By the way I was reading a blog and he wrote that submission to directories can have negative impacts on your site ranking. He said that Google usually mark these kind of links as spam. Any remarks about his?


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