Affiliate Marketing for Dummies | Step-by-Step Guide

You have probably heard much about affiliate marketing before in the past; we know it is the modern way of making some cool money online. In one way or the other, you probably have found affiliate marketing too hard; but don’t panic, let’s head on to the main affiliate marketing for dummies.

Among the mistakes bloggers and marketers make is not starting affiliate marketing at the early stages of their business and it goes a long way in hurting their efforts later. In my researches, affiliate marketing works better than Google adsense in the following niches:

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And many others…

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies | Phase 1

In this segment, you will be learning the basics of affiliate marketing for dummies and how you can prepare to rocket yourself in the business.

Over the years, alot of changes have taken place on the internet with advancement in technology. Businesses are being grown and marketing is being  promoted faster and easier. If you chose to remain in the previous century then you will miss out on getting your big break-out online.

Affiliate marketing began during the first evolution of internet in 1989 and since then has grown massively and the total sales have exceeded $4 billion; some great money huh! and while some of us will be tied in a terrific niche and still rely on Cost per click monetization rather than work out affiliate marketing effectively.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is defined as a network of reference of customers by publishers to the advertisers’ product or homepage with the publisher receiving a commission on percentage of referrals. It simply means it is a network where advertisers pay publishers who refer customer to them; the payment is done when a conversation really takes place. It usually works like a CPM (Cost Per Action) meaning only when the customer performs a real action before payment is made.

The three main parties involved in affiliate marketing are:

The advertisers or merchants who make up a product and put it up for sale. He or she is also willing to pay those who who helps him or her with customers.

The publishers are those who ensures customers get to the door-step of the advertisers and perform an action. Basically, a publisher promotes the product of the merchant on an agreed commission.

The customers are those who trigger a sale on the products. The work of he/she is to click the affiliate AD and purchase the product thereby completing the affiliate chain.

Affiliate Marketing for dummies and how it works

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies | Step-by-Step Guide

The whole step of affiliate marketing for dummies is simple.

The publisher has to register for a merchant affiliate program and select the products he wants to market.

The advertiser will issue him a link to place on his website, the link will contain a reference code; this is done to ensure the advertiser knows which publisher is referring customers.

There are many affiliate networks a publisher can enroll in such as Amazon, Ebay, Semrush, and many others.

Payment is issued to the publisher mainly on monthly basis and in good layout with agreement between the publisher and advertiser.

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies | Phase 2

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies | Step-by-Step Guide

The second section of affiliate marketing for dummies contains all you should do in order to start affiliate marketing. You should be well aware it takes time and effort to dominate and make money as a marketer. Below are the steps to become a regular affiliate marketer…

Step 1. Select your niche and Brand

This is highly the foremost important part of the process. Start by knowing your niche and how to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

To know your niche is really simple, if you have a hubby or a profession build your site around it.

In my guide on choosing a niche, I specified that being a medical doctor means you will be building around a health niche.

Do proper research on competition for the niche and ensure to also get good money booming keywords.

Here is the guide on choosing a niche perfectly: Perfect steps to discover your true niche.

Step 2. Research and Decide the perfect affiliate program

After deciding your niche, do some research on different affiliate programs.

These programs should be well in accordance with your niche and have good products that attracts high commissions on sales.

Ensure your selected program has good reviews and ratings by customers and publishers.

In my perfect reviews, I have found the amazon affiliate associate the best affiliate program you must sign up for.

Step 3. Create your website

You have probably known what will work best for you and you have good knowledge of affiliate marketing; next thing is to make your website.

Here are the 10 best platforms to build your website.

The best blogging platform to use is wordpress but there has other alternatives as well.

Follow the steps below to get your website running:

  • Purchase a Brandable Domain name.
  • Buy a great hosting package. The best for new websites is namecheap.
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  • Install WordPress.
  • Upload and activate a premium and nice looking WordPress theme.
Step 4.  Post the right Contents

Do good keyword research and publish contents that are relevant to your niche and will keep readers engaged.

This phase is very important mostly in affiliate marketing for dummies and writing compelling articles is the key to success.

Proper keyword research and competitors spying should be done before writing and publishing the article.

There are also ways you can get good ideas for your blog posts. Read: Best blogging Ideas.

Step 5.  Build and attract right audience

When your website is built up and relevant contents are published regularly you should proceed to building your audience.

Attract the right class of people and best age groups that fit best into your niche.

Attracting the right audience will boost your profits and sales and will also increase your website’s engagements.

If you need to boost your website traffic by much margin using safe means then read this article Best ways to get huge traffic daily.

Step 6.   Promoting your Affiliate Links

The next procedure is to promote your affiliate links and offers on your website.

The truth is, readers will appreciate your content and will also be likely to follow up your offers.

You can reach out your links to your audience in different ways in relation to your website niche and your audience varieties.

Just ensure to keep your offers and give-aways exciting to them and expect huge conversions on your traffic.

Some facts to know about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies | Step-by-Step Guide

Before enrolling in affiliate marketing some few facts are there to consider just like the guide affiliate marketing for dummies will curtail; Below are the facts:

1. Affiliate marketing requires long-term plans

Anything online posing a big reward usually does not happen easily and quickly, same mentality applies to affiliate marketing. If you are expecting to make your first $100 as an affiliate within first week of start-up then am sorry this guide is not for you. To become a successful marketer, it usually takes 3 to 6 months within the range and most time longer depending on your website’s traffic and sources.

2. Affiliate Marketing is all about trust

This is marketing therefore trust is the key factor. This model deserves maximum trust between the publisher and the advertiser, in the case where much referral sales is made and the publisher experiences some sort of cheating then he has surely on done more waste his effort in driving leads to the advertiser. Before becoming an affiliate marketer ensure to know the best places to meet advertisers especially where your earnings will be kept safe and ensured. The worst thing to ever happen is getting scammed by unreliable affiliate marketing sources.

3. Affiliate Marketing deserves strategic planning

As that of any business, you surely need a strategy to overcome your competitors and failure to make one is the vice versa. When becoming a marketer, have your goals, plans and what you will do to achieve your plans (this is STRATEGY). It should be somewhat smart enough and requires little handwork from you. If I plan to market products based on soccer kits, I will first model my achievements withing a time frame; then I will contain keywords to use in driving traffic from search engines; Groups to join on social platforms and smart ways to approach my target audience. These are the strategic planning I am talking about.

4. Affiliate marketing requires good engagement with audience

You will prepare to engage properly with your audience as a marketer. Be well ready to let them know about products you market as well as the source of order. Know what best suits your audience as it helps when promoting certain contents and products. If I have an audience of age 13 – 20 (Teenagers), I will be sure they are much interested in latest fashion trends; entertainment and sports and then I will market much on latest shoes, famous sport stars jerseys or latest albums of pop stars. This is a good method to capture your audience and get more engagements from them.

5.  Join teams with fellow marketers

A famous quotes for successful businesses span as “Two heads are better than one” and same applies to affiliate marketing. If your aim is to go on and make it alone without a team then fine as long as you are sure of your success but I bet it will really be hard than the easy progress made with within a team. The real success is based on sharing good ideas within fellow marketers and also gaining experience from them while contributing.


You have reached the end of affiliate marketing for dummies but the fact is that you are no longer a dummy with such knowledge now in your capacity. All you have to do is follow the steps thoroughly; build a good email lists from the start and ensure to capture good offers for your audience. Have good connection as well with your readers to know what offers that will suit them. At your end, regularly send mails to them it will help alot.

I have captured 30% on sales by asking my reader what offer he wants and through his response I have converted him into a mode of money for me. So in good hopes and well wishes I see you becoming a great marketer. If you need to be more advanced in it then below is a course right from my amazon affiliate link that you will love just click on any image below and enjoy.


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