About Prosperity Kenneth and CyberGeak

Hi, Welcome to CyberGeak – the perfect blog for bloggers!

I am Prosperity Kenneth, an SEO Blogger and a Digital Marketer. You probably came onto this page to learn more about me and my Website.

About me

about cybergeak

I am Prosperity Kenneth, Born on 12th September in Benue State, Nigeria. I love learning and engaging in practices of any learnt knowledge and that is exactly how I landed in the SEO field. I had actually used Google for all my daily activities in the past and I got to wonder actually how webpages appear in Search results. I was keen and curious and that led me to opening my first Blogger website which I migrated from to wordpress after 2 weeks. I have gone on to do many SEO researches and had numerous conversations with experts in the SEO field. EntrepreneurNG names me the number 1 Nigerian SEO Blogger to follow in their list of Top Nigerian Bloggers To Learn SEO From.

My education is still in progress and my ambition is to be a Computer Scientist and also a Search Engineer. I have skills in web development and am good at coding html, CSS, Javascript and a little bit of PHP. I took on blogging to learn and also share my knowledge with others. I am happy you have taken your time to view my website. Thanks and hope we both get along flexibly 🙂

The main CyberGeak Ideology

CyberGeak is a website that I made to provide blogging tips and SEO tutorials to bloggers.
It is a website about SEO, Blogging and making money as a Blogger.
We have developed to become one of the biggest SEO blogs in the world;because we serve proven SEO techniques.
Unlike other websites where old SEO techniques dwell at CyberGeak I only provide modern SEO tactics with proof.
My goal is to help you achieve your SEO goals and through Advanced techniques it is surely made easier for you.

How CyberGeak Gets SEO Facts

seo that works

The main intent behind the start of this website is to provide proven SEO strategies that you can implement to get higher traffic; because of that I spend most of my time doing researches and finding the real deal in the SEO world today.

Lots of People are blogging about SEO now thereby making it difficult to know where the real facts lies. Infact it is made more difficult and deceptive when they introduce you to the always “Publish and Pray” Methods of SEO that won’t help you.

This website is where I publish my real SEO secrets and proven theorems and if you surely need tit-bites and weekly SEO digests from me then be sure to subscribe below….



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